Chinese Day Camp


Megan started first grade this year.  She is doing a dual language program: Chinese Immersion.  Megan has always had a knack for symbols (letters, numbers, music notes, etc.) So we thought that Chinese would be a good fit for her.  Before the school year started, she went to a week long Chinese Day Camp were she was introduced to how the school days would work (half in English, half in Chinese.)  She had such a great time.

The last day they had a little performance for the parents.  Megan  knew all the words and sang her Chinese “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” at home all week long.

My cousin’s daughter (Megan’s second cousin) is also starting the same program this year.  She and Megan are not in the same class, but they are still good buddies and excited to see each other each day.

Megan loved Chinese camp and was so totally stoked for first grade to start.  We hope this will be an excellent year for her.


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