Megan’s first grade class spotlights a child each week and they call it the V.I.P. The night before the first day of school was the open house, and we were to sign up for what week we wanted our child to be V.I.P., and it was suggested that we sign up during our child’s birthday week, or half-birthday if our child has a summer birthday.  Well, Megan is a summer baby, AND her half birthday is the day after Christmas so there is no school anyway.  I decided to just sign her up for the first week, so she was the first V.I.P.  She LOVED being the first one.  We made her this poster and each day of the week the class talked about 3-5 of the things we had written about Megan on the poster.  On the last day of V.I.P. week, the entire family was invited to come in and meet the class and tell the children all about us.


Megan loved being the center of attention, and the kiddos seemed genuinely interested in our family, and especially enamored by miss Jane.  I also allowed Megan to announce to her class that I was going to have another baby (we hadn’t publicly announced yet.)  The kids were pretty excited and Megan LOVED sharing the news.  I am grateful for activities like this that give Megan the opportunity to feel special.  When V.I.P. week was over, she wanted to hang her poster in her room and it has been there ever since.  She really is a very important person.  I love her so much!

These are the facts about Megan we shared on her poster:

My favorite color is RED!
My favorite TV shows are ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos” and “The Biggest Loser.”
I was born on June 26th, 2006, in Henderson, Nevada. I weighed SEVEN pounds ZERO ounces!
This summer, on June 26th, I turned SIX years old!
This is my dad. He is a PhD student at BYU and he is a professor at UVU. He teaches astronomy.
This is my little brother, Jack. He was really sick when he was born. He only lived for six weeks.
I LOVE to read!!!
I love to play the Wii. My favorite game is Wii Party.
This is my mom. She stays home all day and takes care of me and my sister and cleans the house.
This is my little sister, Jane. She is one year old.
I have been taking piano lessons since I was FIVE years old. I love to play piano.
This Summer I had surgery. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed. The doctor made me go to sleep and when I woke up, my tonsils were gone!
My favorite food is pizza. I LOVE pizza!
My favorite toys are Lalaloopsies. I have almost EIGHTY of them!
I love to play in the rain!
My favorite season is Summer. I love to go swimming!
When I graduate from high school, I want to go to BYU!


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