Fall Roundup


Here I am, desperately trying to get caught up on this blog.  Here are a few fun activities from the fall.

On September 21st, Megan’s school had a Fall Festival.  The girls had a blast.

Megan and Jane and their friends from church walking into the festival


Megan’s favorite activity was the mini golfing game


Megan loved the bounce houses and slides


Cousins Allison and Abbie were getting their hair colored and I think that gave Megan just enough confidence to join them


Abbie and Allison and Megan with their colored hair.


Megan loves her cousin Allison and loves going to school with her.  That night Allison actually also came over and spent the night.  Megan earned the sleep-over as a reward for good behavior in school.  She has been doing excellent!

On September 26th, our landlord’s daughter/neighbor/friend turned 4 and invited the girls to her birthday party.  The party was a cowgirl theme and was SO FUN.  There were all sorts of fun activities, goodies, and food.  There was also a REAL pony for the kids to ride!  Both girls and had such a great time and neither girl wanted the party to end!! I didn’t get a ton of pictures of the party because I was manning the pony ride and taking pictures of all the kids there (which I should probably send to their parents! ) but here a few of the girls.


Jane on the swings with her cowgirl hat. So cute.

Cowgirl Meg


Megan on the pony. I really need to look into equestrian therapy for autism because she LOOOOOOOOOVED it.


Speaking of riding animals, Jane is the ultimate animal lover.  Whether is be birds, cats, dogs, fish, rabbits…she loves them all.  Adam and I are not really pet people, and I foresee our daughter begging for a pet of her own some day!  She’s so cute…we’ll probably cave…

Phew…I think I am caught up to Halloween!  You can look forward to that post next!!!  Yeah!







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