An Update on Miss Megan and Little J


Yay!  All caught up!  Phew.  I got so behind at the beginning of this pregnancy.  I was so sick and it’s hard for me to sit at the computer for any amount of time.  I know that I don’t have too many interested readers anymore, but at least I am caught up for the sake of having things recorded and for Megan to read.

So I am all caught up on what we have been up to, but I think to post about the girls and what’s going on with them these days.

Jane is as sweet and cute as can be.  She has been cutting her two year old molars for weeks now, which hasn’t been the most fun for her, but she is still always in high spirits.  She is talking like crazy!  I love it.  She communicates her wants and needs SO EASILY.  It is such a change.  Adam and I often talk about how different it is to have a child who can communicate at this age.  We had no idea how much easier it makes things.  It is so wonderful.  Seriously.  Looking back now at Megan at this age, I should have known that something was off.  I just didn’t have anything to compare it to.  Now I know.  Wow.  Jane doesn’t throw herself on the ground – sobbing uncontrollably – if I ask her if she wants water when really she wants a cookie.  She just says no to the water and takes me by the hand and leads me to the pantry and shows me what she wants.  Again: wow.

Jane loves Toy Story, Yo Gabba Gabba, Lalaloopsies, animals, candy, hot-wheels, being outside, bikes, music, dancing, ice cream, and cucumbers.  I mean she LOVES cucumbers.  She doesn’t eat a ton of food, but she does love fruits and vegetables, so that’s nice.  Megan will eat bananas and carrots, but Jane will go to town on strawberries and cantaloupe and cucumbers and pears and peaches and watermelon and broccoli…you get the point.  It is super refreshing.  Jane is super refreshing overall. She says “sorry” and “excuse me” and “help me” all the time in the appropriate context.  It is so cute and fun to watch such a little person act like she does.

She doesn’t totally enjoy nursery at church.  I serve in the nursery so I am there with her, but even then she wants to be with Megan or wants to go home.  She does love singing time, and she knows quite a few of the songs and their actions.  Her favorite is definitely “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” She also likes snack time, but only because she likes to throw away the other children’s trash when they are done with their snacks.  First thing during snack time, she takes all her goldfish and fruit snacks off her napkin and throws it straight in the trash.  Then she waits around for other children to finish their snack so she can throw away their napkin.  She’s quirky that way.

She is weighing in at about 24 pounds, and if I remember correctly, I think she was 35 inches tall the last time we measured her.  She is definitely taller than most of the children her age.  I think Megan is only 44 inches.  So there are 4.5 years between them, but only 9 inches.  I’m pretty confident that Jane will pass her sister up in time.

Jane is no longer nursing as of about a month ago.  Even still, she asks to nurse, but she doesn’t get upset.  It’s hard to believe that she will be two years old next month.  She is at such a fun age and she is a pure delight.

Megan is doing SO WELL these days.  She is gaining weight (she’s up to 40 pounds!!!)  She has a healthier appetite, and seems to be shouldering a lot less anxiety.  She is doing REMARKABLY well in school.  Like, it’s unbelievable.  I can’t remember the last time she had a real meltdown.  Week after week have been drama free.  Something has clicked.  Her teachers are excellent and she is thriving.  She still has times of discomfort or confusion.  She still struggles with lunch time.  She is still socially awkward with her classmates and peers, but she is adapting and she is happier.  She is learning how to shake off things that upset her or are out of her control.  I know that any day it could all change.  I know she could become easily overwhelmed by any little thing at any given moment.  I’m still nervous and anxious when I drop her off each morning and I’m still nervous and anxious when I pick her up each afternoon.  Each day after school I ask her what her rose was for the day and what her thorn was.  More often than not, she doesn’t have a thorn.

Don’t misunderstand that there are still not hard times.  We took her to see a movie a couple Saturdays ago.  The last time we took her to a theater was for her fourth birthday.  She does not enjoy watching movies.  She gets tense and nervous during the dramatic conflicts and doesn’t like to watch movies to the end.  She surprised us by expressing interest to see “Wreck-It Ralph.”  She did really well until the climax of the movie, when things were unresolved, scary, and dramatic.  She cried out in the theater (which was PACKED) multiple times and wanted to leave.  She was terrified.  Adam and I kept telling her things would work out and we really wanted her to stay to the end so she would see that everything was okay.  Even though she stuck it through to the end, she has told me that she has no interest in going to a movie in the theater again any time soon.  I think she enjoyed the movie overall, but it just goes to show that she still faces very real and very strong anxiety, in certain situations.  The movie was wonderful, by the way.  Adam and I (and Jane) really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

Still, it is hard to believe that just a couple months ago we were seeking out a psychiatrist and considering medication for her anxiety.  Things have drastically changed and it is wonderful.  We had parent teacher conference last week.  Both her Chinese teacher and her English teacher had only positive things to say about her.  She is kicking tail at Chinese.  And she is the most advanced reader in her English class.  They also did math testing a couple weeks back, and she scored perfectly.  I straight up told her teachers that I didn’t really care about the academics though (I phrased it a little more tactfully) but that I just wanted her to be happy and comfortable at school and with her peers. They agreed and said she is doing really well.


Sorry this is so long (Amy.)  Things are going really well with the girls.  I hope we can make it through the Holiday season as smoothly.  This time of year last year was especially hard for Megan.  The busy schedule and the traveling and large gathering of family members has always been pretty overwhelming for her.  Last year there were meltdowns and blowups that motivated us to seek treatment, and eventually led to her diagnosis of Asperger’s.  It will be interesting to see how much difference a year has made.

So I guess I could say that things are going REALLY well for my girls these days.  They are fun and sweet and strong and wonderful.  What more could a mom ask for?



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  1. So cute! For the record… we are still interested readers. And take heart, Ethan can’t handle seeing movies in theaters either. The suspense/drama/emotions are too overwhelming on the big screen with the louder, more intense music. Nothing sends him into total panic more than a movie theater!

  2. I will ALWAYS be a faithful reader of your sweet life! I just thank you for sharing it!! Your girls are amazing and beautiful and super awesome!! I had tears in my eyes watching Megan get the new baby news- how precious is she?!?! She hugged you after and was so happy- i LOVED that. I think we need to see some pictures of you missy! You’re probably not showing yet, huh? Well, you’re like the cutest pregnant woman ever, so help me revel in your glory when you get a sec.

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