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New Years Eve 2012!!!


We spent New Years Eve Day with our adorable little nephews. We don’t get to see them much because they live in California, and it was so fun having them here. They are both absolute sweethearts.

Owen and Megan played SO WELL together. Seriously. It wasn’t until like the last 5 minutes that Owen was here that there was any bickering of any kind. Owen was just sweet to Megan and played all her silly nonsensical games. Everyone should have a cousin like Owen.


At just under three months older, Tr3y is Jane’s closest cousin in age. These two had a fun time together. Jane has started to become a lot better at sharing, and it was good for her to have Tr3y over to play with. He is way sweet and way smart (and way cute.) The two were like two peas in a pod.


After the Marshall kiddos left, we enjoyed some pizza and then Megan got to stay up until the ball dropped in NYC. While waiting, we rocked out to Dance Central on the XBOX Kinect. Megan has some mad dancing skills.


I think Adam and I stayed up until midnight. We might have actually watched the clock hit midnight from bed. I can’t really remember.

I think overall, we had a pretty good 2012. We are such a happy family and I feel so blessed to have the husband that I have and the children that I have. I am super excited about 2013 and the new baby that will soon be arriving. Happy New Years to you and yours!!!

Little J Turns 2!


We celebrated Jane’s second birthday in Vegas. It’s hard to believe that she is already a two-year-old. She is so fun and so sweet!

We spent most of Jane’s birthday over at Adam’s parent’s house. There she opened a few gifts and grandma also had a mini cake for her.




Later we headed over to my sister’s house where we did more gifts and more cake. I think this is the first year that I didn’t actually bake a cake for one of our family member’s birthdays. I found this cupcake cake at Wal-mart and Jane loves “My Little Pony” so I just got it. It was fun that she got a couple of ponies to go with the cake, but the cake was nothing to write home about. It had about a million pounds too much frosting on it. The kids liked it, and it was fun. I wouldn’t recommend it though!



Jane loved all the gifts that she got. She would say “what is it????” Over and over again as she opened each item. She loved the Angry Birds backpack from her Johanson Grandparents and the Lalaloopsy dolls from my mom. She also loved her Toy Story figurines from the Vidal family. In fact, she keeps the Lalaloopsy dolls and the Toy Story toys in the Angry Bird backpack and goes no where without it!



I tried to get a few birthday pictures of the birthday girl, but she wasn’t really in the mood. These pictures sure do capture her little personality though!


At Jane’s two-year check up, she was weighing in at 24lbs (24th percentile) and standing at 35 inches tall (87th %tile.) She talks SO MUCH. She puts together 3 and 4 word sentences: no problem. She knows all her main colors, and is learning to recite the alphabet. She likes to count to ten, but not necessarily in order (which Megan finds hilarious!) She loves and knows a great variety of animal names. With Megan I saturated her with everything she was interested in, which included books, numbers, letters, shapes, ect. I have done the same with Jane which has included animals, music, dolls, and various characters from movies/TV shows/books. It is interesting how different the two girls are. Of course we have introduced letters and numbers and shapes to Jane, but she just isn’t super interested…which is fine by me. All I care about is that she is healthy and happy and she is! Unfortunately, she is a picker eater, but she definitely eats more and a greater variety than Megan ever did. She is still napping more days than not, usually about 1.5-2 hours. She loves to dance and can rock out to fast beats and softly sway to slower tempos (which is hilarious!) She refers to herself as “Janie” and calls Megan “Ha-day” or “Negs.” She likes to do EVERYTHING her big sister is doing, and she is just crazy about Megan. Megan is equally in love with her. They are a great pair.

We feel so blessed to have Jane in our family. She is just such a bright shining light. I can’t get over how much I love her. Happy Birthday sweet Jane!




Once again we were able to spend Christmas in Las Vegas. We love traveling down and spending the holiday down there.

We did Christmas with Adam’s parents a couple of days before Christmas since they were heading to California for the holiday.

Megan had a great time making a gingerbread house with some help from daddy, and grandma and grandpa.

Jane doesn’t open up to people too freely, but she sure loves her Johanson Grandparents!!!

We opened gifts with Adam’s brother Jake and his family. Bentley is just three months younger than Jane. He is SO CUTE.

Megan and Jane loved their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa (when school started up again, the students were allowed to bring one Christmas gift for show and tell, and Megan choose to bring the karaoke microphone they gave her.) Adam and I really enjoyed our gifts as well!



Christmas eve we did some traditional Marshall family things and a few new things as well. Aunt Kaylee introduced a new game where the children passed around a large gift while music played, and when the music stopped, whoever was holding the gift got to unwrap a layer and receive a gift. There were layer after layer of gifts and it was quite a hit.


The girls also opened their Christmas Eve pjs. Megan loved the addition of a robe, and Jane was just crazy about her Jessie pajamas (from Toy Story.)



The next morning the girls woke up and found their stockings:

Jane was so excited about her new Lalaloopsies!


Megan’s stocking mostly had books in it. As she opened book after book after book, she would say, “another BOOK?!”

I didn’t take too many pictures of the girls opening their gifts, but they had so many fun surprises. I should have thought ahead a little bit though, because Megan was quite anxious throughout the entire gift opening experience. We gave her a gift with several parts to it, and I should have made sure she got one of the items before the others, and I didn’t. Without that particular item, the rest of the items were kinda useless, so she was worried the whole time about that one item and whether or not she was going to get it. Poor thing. When that gift arrived, she was so relieved and so happy!!!


We did lots of other fun things throughout the Christmas vacation. We took the girls and one of their cousins to M&M World on the strip and they got to watch a fun 3D movie. Adam’s brother Matt and his wife Mary gave the girls Build-a-Bear gift cards for Christmas, and we took them to the mall to do that and they LOVED it.


Aunt Sarah had lots of fun crafts and activities for the children.




Megan really wanted to get a good picture of her and Bradley with their elves:


And Tyson really wanted to get a picture with his favorite niece:

Sam and Loren put together another “Minute To Win It” activity at the church, which turned out awesome.


Adam and I were also able to go out to see “Les Miserables” one night after we put the girls down (we both enjoyed it.) We don’t often get to go to movies so that was nice. I am sure I am forgetting so many things…but we had a great holiday overall!

As if there are not enough pictures on this post already, here are a few of the girls throughout the month in their holiday dresses. They have quite a few…several of which I didn’t even get pictures of. I love me some cute holiday dresses!!!







Here’s hoping that you had a great holiday season as well. Thank you to everyone who made our holiday happy and bright!

Megan Joins the Lost Tooth Club!


Megan’s two bottom teeth began to be a little wiggly around her 6th birthday. Well, 6 months later, she finally lost them!!!

On Christmas Eve, Megan pulled out her first tooth. She was so excited and wanted to tell everyone about it again and again! She did it on her own, in private. She had been a little nervous about the whole removal process. The tooth was ready though. By the next morning, the new tooth was already visible. We thought it was sure fun that both Santa and The Tooth Fairy would visit her that night.


One week later, on New Years Day, Megan pulled out the second loose tooth. It was totally just dangling, but it took some bribing to get her to just pull it out. I told her that I would post a picture of her on Facebook saying she had lost tooth two, AND she could be wearing the t-shirt that her Uncle Same gave her for Christmas in the photo. Less than a minute later that tooth was out and that t-shirt was put on! She loves the shirt because it says “Megan” in Chinese.


The Tooth Fairy let her know both times that the teeth were nice and shiny and white and she was proud of her for taking such good care of them. She also told her she was the first child to lose a tooth in 2013! Megan LOVED it!

It was a little strange for me going through the first “losing of the tooth” experience as a parent. My little girl is just growing up so fast!




This winter we have already seen a lot of snow. Last year I only remember one heavy snowfall, and even that melted and was gone in no time. This year, we had several days of snow and it has been so cold that the snow hasn’t gone anywhere. After the first heavy snowfall, we decided to purchase a sled, and took the girls out for their first run. Megan LOVED it. She even took a nasty spill the first time down, and STILL wanted to do it again and again and again. Jane did not love it so much. She was too cold. She and I participated as long as she could stand, and then we spent the rest of the time in the car.

December 19th:




As soon as we returned from our Christmas Vacation in Vegas, Megan wanted to do some more sledding, this time in our own front yard. Again, she loved it. Again, Jane gave it a whirl, but was too cold before long. Megan and dad spent some time outside, and Jane and I watched from the window.

January 1st 2013:






I do enjoy living in a place where we have snow in the Winter. I could also be happy in a place without it, but it makes for some fun experiences for the kids and it sure is beautiful. I think I’ve had enough snow for this season, however! Already looking forward to Spring!!!