Once again we were able to spend Christmas in Las Vegas. We love traveling down and spending the holiday down there.

We did Christmas with Adam’s parents a couple of days before Christmas since they were heading to California for the holiday.

Megan had a great time making a gingerbread house with some help from daddy, and grandma and grandpa.

Jane doesn’t open up to people too freely, but she sure loves her Johanson Grandparents!!!

We opened gifts with Adam’s brother Jake and his family. Bentley is just three months younger than Jane. He is SO CUTE.

Megan and Jane loved their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa (when school started up again, the students were allowed to bring one Christmas gift for show and tell, and Megan choose to bring the karaoke microphone they gave her.) Adam and I really enjoyed our gifts as well!



Christmas eve we did some traditional Marshall family things and a few new things as well. Aunt Kaylee introduced a new game where the children passed around a large gift while music played, and when the music stopped, whoever was holding the gift got to unwrap a layer and receive a gift. There were layer after layer of gifts and it was quite a hit.


The girls also opened their Christmas Eve pjs. Megan loved the addition of a robe, and Jane was just crazy about her Jessie pajamas (from Toy Story.)



The next morning the girls woke up and found their stockings:

Jane was so excited about her new Lalaloopsies!


Megan’s stocking mostly had books in it. As she opened book after book after book, she would say, “another BOOK?!”

I didn’t take too many pictures of the girls opening their gifts, but they had so many fun surprises. I should have thought ahead a little bit though, because Megan was quite anxious throughout the entire gift opening experience. We gave her a gift with several parts to it, and I should have made sure she got one of the items before the others, and I didn’t. Without that particular item, the rest of the items were kinda useless, so she was worried the whole time about that one item and whether or not she was going to get it. Poor thing. When that gift arrived, she was so relieved and so happy!!!


We did lots of other fun things throughout the Christmas vacation. We took the girls and one of their cousins to M&M World on the strip and they got to watch a fun 3D movie. Adam’s brother Matt and his wife Mary gave the girls Build-a-Bear gift cards for Christmas, and we took them to the mall to do that and they LOVED it.


Aunt Sarah had lots of fun crafts and activities for the children.




Megan really wanted to get a good picture of her and Bradley with their elves:


And Tyson really wanted to get a picture with his favorite niece:

Sam and Loren put together another “Minute To Win It” activity at the church, which turned out awesome.


Adam and I were also able to go out to see “Les Miserables” one night after we put the girls down (we both enjoyed it.) We don’t often get to go to movies so that was nice. I am sure I am forgetting so many things…but we had a great holiday overall!

As if there are not enough pictures on this post already, here are a few of the girls throughout the month in their holiday dresses. They have quite a few…several of which I didn’t even get pictures of. I love me some cute holiday dresses!!!







Here’s hoping that you had a great holiday season as well. Thank you to everyone who made our holiday happy and bright!


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