Little J Turns 2!


We celebrated Jane’s second birthday in Vegas. It’s hard to believe that she is already a two-year-old. She is so fun and so sweet!

We spent most of Jane’s birthday over at Adam’s parent’s house. There she opened a few gifts and grandma also had a mini cake for her.




Later we headed over to my sister’s house where we did more gifts and more cake. I think this is the first year that I didn’t actually bake a cake for one of our family member’s birthdays. I found this cupcake cake at Wal-mart and Jane loves “My Little Pony” so I just got it. It was fun that she got a couple of ponies to go with the cake, but the cake was nothing to write home about. It had about a million pounds too much frosting on it. The kids liked it, and it was fun. I wouldn’t recommend it though!



Jane loved all the gifts that she got. She would say “what is it????” Over and over again as she opened each item. She loved the Angry Birds backpack from her Johanson Grandparents and the Lalaloopsy dolls from my mom. She also loved her Toy Story figurines from the Vidal family. In fact, she keeps the Lalaloopsy dolls and the Toy Story toys in the Angry Bird backpack and goes no where without it!



I tried to get a few birthday pictures of the birthday girl, but she wasn’t really in the mood. These pictures sure do capture her little personality though!


At Jane’s two-year check up, she was weighing in at 24lbs (24th percentile) and standing at 35 inches tall (87th %tile.) She talks SO MUCH. She puts together 3 and 4 word sentences: no problem. She knows all her main colors, and is learning to recite the alphabet. She likes to count to ten, but not necessarily in order (which Megan finds hilarious!) She loves and knows a great variety of animal names. With Megan I saturated her with everything she was interested in, which included books, numbers, letters, shapes, ect. I have done the same with Jane which has included animals, music, dolls, and various characters from movies/TV shows/books. It is interesting how different the two girls are. Of course we have introduced letters and numbers and shapes to Jane, but she just isn’t super interested…which is fine by me. All I care about is that she is healthy and happy and she is! Unfortunately, she is a picker eater, but she definitely eats more and a greater variety than Megan ever did. She is still napping more days than not, usually about 1.5-2 hours. She loves to dance and can rock out to fast beats and softly sway to slower tempos (which is hilarious!) She refers to herself as “Janie” and calls Megan “Ha-day” or “Negs.” She likes to do EVERYTHING her big sister is doing, and she is just crazy about Megan. Megan is equally in love with her. They are a great pair.

We feel so blessed to have Jane in our family. She is just such a bright shining light. I can’t get over how much I love her. Happy Birthday sweet Jane!



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