Adam turns 30! Twice!!!


On February 6th, Adam boarded a plane bound for Sydney Australia. When he arrived in Australia, it was February 8th. His 30th birthday!!!


He went to Australia to gather some information that should help further his dissertation. We are hopeful that the trip will produce great results for his research.

While there, Adam manned these massive Radio Telescopes, and directed them where to look for the information he was seeking.
He took a bike out to the telescopes so he could see them up close. I love this picture because there are kangaroos just hanging around by the telescopes.


He spent many hours and worked late into the night controlling the telescopes. He said it was so awesome and he had a great time.

He had a little time to check out what Australia had to offer. Here is the famous Opera House in Sydney.

We celebrated his birthday here without him, on what was actually the 9th for him. We really missed him, but it was fun to track him 8,000 miles away!

photo (2)

photo (1)

I hope I haven’t totally botched the description of what he did there. I only really understand the basics…and even that is an exaggeration!

I am glad that Adam got to do something fun and exciting and that he loved for his 30th birthday. The girls really missed him (especially Janie!) and they were so excited to see him when he got home.


I love you Adam and I’m glad every day of my life that you were born!!!!


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  1. That is such a cool way to celebrate his 30th birthday! Sad that he was away from his family, but totally cool that he got to “play” with big telescopes.
    Happy Birthday Adam!

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