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Easter 2013


We had a very happy Easter!

A couple days before Easter, my mom and Megan dyed Easter eggs. Megan LOVES dyeing Easter eggs. Thank goodness my mom was here, because I don’t think I would have been motivated to do it! Megan had a great time.


I am very grateful to my mom who made Easter happen for my little family. Of course the Easter Bunny came and left us all baskets, but the EB definitely had lots of help from my mom.

Janie's Easter Basket

Janie’s Easter Basket

Meggie's Easter Basket

Meggie’s Easter Basket

Alec's Easter Basket

Alec’s Easter Basket

Adam's Easter Basket

Adam’s Easter Basket

Elizabeth's Easter Basket

Elizabeth’s Easter Basket

Jane and Megan loved their Easter surprises. Megan has wanted a Bop-it forever and Jane loves all things “Cars.”





After playing with Easter treasures and eating Easter treats, Adam and the girls got all ready and headed out to church. I was a little sad to miss Easter Sunday, but not really…since I couldn’t have had a better reason to stay home. A big thank you to Adam’s mom who bought the girls their Easter dresses. She had no idea that I had wanted to get them dresses but wasn’t able to, and she showed up with the perfect dresses.




My reason for staying home…


After church we headed to my sister’s house for Easter dinner. Alec got to meet some of his cousins.





Alec will celebrate his birthday on Easter in 2062. We sure are over the moon crazy about this little guy.

The Atonement is real. Jesus died and lived again so that we all might do the same. My family is forever because of this and I am so humbled and grateful.

Hope you and yours had a happy Easter as well.

Alec’s First Bath


Alec had is first bath at home on the March 30th. Every family member wanted to participate and help bathe the little sweetie. Janie, who has had ZERO interest in Alec, was especially excited about bathtime. Alec loved it and it was nice to get him all cleaned up and sparkling. 🙂




Alec may not have much hair in front, but he makes up for it in the back.
Business in the front.
Party in the back.


All clean. What a doll.


Introducing Alec Adam Johanson



On March 21st (my due date) I went to my 40 week prenatal appointment really hopeful that I had made some progress over the past week. I shouldn’t have expected much though, because I hadn’t been really contracting much and I didn’t feel like there should be any progress.

And there wasn’t. My doctor tried to get things going a bit, but also scheduled me to be induced at 41 weeks. I got home from my appointment hopeful that the doctor had got things going, but not much happened. The next day (March 22nd) I started to contract a little more often, but still not much. Saturday (March 23rd) during the day was the same story, but that night, I started to contract a lot. I laid in bed timing contractions for 8 HOURS. They even had a little kick to them. I texted my mom and told her and she decided to head up from Vegas in the wee hours of Sunday morning. As soon as she got on the road, however, the contractions stopped almost completely. I contracted on and off throughout the day on Sunday (March 24th), but again, the day time hours brought little activity. Then Sunday night I was up all night once again timing some semi rough contractions. Monday (March 25th) morning arrived and…everything stopped. My mom and I went and ran errands and went and shopped till I dropped, and we ate Cafe Rio for lunch and Olive Garden for dinner and Spoon it Up for dessert and around 9 or so the contractions started and I thought…”maybe this is it…” So I did my hair and tidied up the house and then by bedtime they had once again died down.

So I went to bed that night around 11, and right away the contractions started. Adam was snoring next to me and I was huffing and puffing and writhing in real pain. The contractions were about 10-15 minutes apart, but I was in some serious pain. So at 2am on March 26th, I woke up Adam and said I wanted to go to the hospital. I didn’t care if they sent me away, I just couldn’t lay there in pain any more doing nothing. So we got things ready and told my mom we would keep her posted and headed on our way. As we were rushing out the door, the contractions started coming at 3-6 minute intervals and I was getting beat.


We arrived at the hospital around 2:30am and they got me right up to labor and delivery. We did some brief preliminary paperwork and then they had me in a room. A little before 3 they checked me. I could tell I had made some progress by the nurses tone as she questioned me, “did you want an epidural? Are you Strep B positive? This is a VBAC?” Then she said, “you’re at a 7.” I was like, “what the?” and then I was like, “sweet!” I shouldn’t have been too surprised though, since basically the same thing happened with Jane. I guess my body likes to labor for days. And days. And days. I told them I needed an epidural per doctor’s orders (in case I needed an emergency c-section…although I definitely would have gotten one anyway) and the anesthesiologist was there quick style. My doctor arrived soon after, (he was so grumpy) and checked me at 3:15 and I was at an 8. I made fun of his hair a little which had everyone in the room laughing at him, and he immediately broke my water. But by this time…the contractions had nearly completely stopped!!! Even after my water had been broken, the contractions never really picked up. After about an hour and a half of nothing, they decided to start me on oxytocin. So they did, and right away my contractions picked up and at 5:20 they told me the baby was ready! I couldn’t believe it!

So my doctor came in (he had a hat on this time “to hide his hair” he said) and got things ready and I started pushing and two contractions later the baby had arrived!!! They lifted Baby up and I saw right away that it was a boy!!! I was so surprised because I thought for sure I was having a girl!! But nope, both Adam and I shrieked “it’s a boy?!” It was pretty wonderful, and the happy tears were flowing. They placed him on my chest right away. He was so tiny and soooooo cute. I saw right away that his hair was lighter than the other three children’s had been, and he was lacking hair on top, but had a TON in back. He was just perfect.



They let me hold him for a while (which was nice because with Jane she had to be whisked over for the NICU team to check her out) and then they took him to warm him up and weigh and measure him. I was totally expecting a huge baby, so I was surprised when my little boy arrived weighing only 7 pounds 10 ounces. He was also 20 inches long.



I can see both girls in him, especially Megan, but he also has a look all his own. I don’t see too much Jack in him, but it’s hard to know.

Megan is completely enamored with him. She was hoping for a boy to keep up the girl-boy-girl-boy pattern, but I think she would have equally loved a little sister. She is just so sweet and cute with him. Jane is having a little bit of a harder time accepting this new family member, but she’s slowly coming around. How could she not? Alec is perfect. Oh yeah, his name is Alec Adam Johanson. Adam after his daddy, and Alec after his big brother, Jack Alexander.




One of my biggest concerns was how the girls would do in the care of another while I was in labor. I prayed and prayed that the timing would work out best for them. That prayer was definitely answered. My mom was able to stay with them initially, and then when she joined us at the hospital, Adam’s Aunt Patti stayed with them. Jane woke up at 5am and had a hard time when she realized her mom and dad weren’t there and Aunt Patti was extra kind to her and didn’t leave her side. Adam was able to return before Megan even awoke. Heavenly Father answered my prayer. I am so grateful to Patti! Thank you.

Alec is just as sweet as they come. We could tell that right away. He has been so calm and peaceful. He nursed immediately (which was way different from my girls) and he just has the sweetest spirit about him. We are so in love.




Welcome to our family Alec! Thank you for choosing us.


My Favorite Church Calling


Last June I took Jane into Nursery at church for the first time. She wasn’t quite 18 months (a few weeks shy) but I asked the leaders if I could start bringing her in because we were just wandering around the halls for the last couple hours of church. They were enthusiastic and told me it was no problem at all, so we headed in. Jane really enjoyed her time in there, and I was looking forward to being able to attend my meetings for the first time in months. I planned to stay with her for a few weeks, or as long as it took her to fully transition without me. The next Sunday, I brought her in again. This time, there were different leaders. They were kind and welcomed Jane no problem, but there was something missing. I felt very strongly that the children in there weren’t getting the love and nurture that they needed/deserved. I don’t know if I was biased because my own child was in there, but I felt uncomfortable with the idea of leaving Jane. Later, I had many mothers (and a couple of fathers) express to me that they too had felt a little uncomfortable leaving their children (note: the leaders who were in there were just fine. They just weren’t super compassionate or nurturing. The children needed that.)

That week I crossed paths with a couple of members of the primary presidency, and I expressed that I would be interested in serving in the nursery. The very next Sunday I was released from the calling I was serving in, and was called as a Nursery worker. I had never before had any interest in serving in that capacity. In fact, when Megan was in nursery in Iowa, I really did not enjoy the times that I was asked to substitute in nursery. Back then, I thought it would be my least favorite calling and never hoped or dreamed that I would actually WANT to serve in the nursery.

My attitude about serving in the nursery this time around could not have been more different. I LOVED it. I grew to love each and every one of those sweet children so much. When they called me, the plan was that I would switch off with another worker each Sunday so that we could each attend our meetings every other week. But I couldn’t bring myself to miss out even one week, so I went every Sunday. I found out I was pregnant not long after I had been called, and I battled morning sickness pretty severely for several months, but each Sunday I went (and secretly munched on snacks at snacktime!) I didn’t mind the runny noses or the stinky diapers. My back held up surprisingly well each Sunday, and I was able to lift and cuddle and comfort those sweet little children – my own daughter included. I guess some people would say there is not a lot of glamour or prestige in a nursery calling (as if those things are important) but I felt very strongly that I was serving exactly where I was needed and I worked hard to serve to my full capacity. It didn’t hurt that I absolutely loved being in there with those children.

One of the mothers snapped this picture of me with her phone in January.  Love those kiddos!

One of the mothers snapped this picture of me with her phone in January. Love those kiddos!

When I publicly announced that I was pregnant (I was about 16 weeks along,) the primary presidency told me that they would need to release me because there was a policy about pregnant women serving in nursery. I was SO SAD. I’m not gonna lie: I cried. And cried. I told them to please not release me. I said that it was better for my back then sitting for long periods of time, and that I would continue to attend nursery anyway because Jane had grown accustomed to having me there. When my release was discussed in Bishopric meetings, I encouraged Adam to vote to keep me in that capacity. And it worked! Here I am, 39.5 weeks pregnant and I served in the nursery every single Sunday until just this past week when my body decided it was done (I actually wasn’t able to make it to church at all. If I had, I likely would have been found serving in the Nursery!) There were several Sundays when I would come home thinking I just couldn’t do it anymore, but the next week I was right back in there, loving on “my” Nursery children.

This past Sunday was the first time Jane ever attended nursery without me. I had Adam check on her frequently, and she did great (she for sure missed me though…she came home from church and ran in the door shouting “Janie’s home! I missed you!”) I feel a lot more comfortable now with leaving her. We have two new sets of leaders and I think they do a great job. I still feel a great sense of sadness with the realization that I will no longer be serving in the nursery. My having a baby is the only thing that could’ve taken me out of there. I am sad that the children will probably come to forget me. I am sure that the new leaders and workers will do a great job, but I worry that even just one child will go over-looked for even just a few moments. I really do love those children. Each one of them. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to serve them. I hope I get the chance again someday with another set of beautiful children.

And actually, in 18 months I’m going to have another nursery aged child….hmmmmm…. 🙂



The weather has FINALLY taken a turn for the better!!

It has been a LONG Winter this year. We got lots and lots of snow (compared to last year when it hardly snowed at all.) We had some great time in the Winter weather, but mostly, we were cooped inside and definitely suffering from cabin fever. These past couple of weeks, the weather has been ranging from the high 40s to even 70 degrees!! We have been able to spend LOTS and LOTS of time outside.

Jane has been the most delighted of all to spend time outside. Megan gets to go to school each day and do recess and other activities outside, but poor Jane has been stuck indoors most days. She can not get enough of the outdoors. We have been hitting the park in the late morning and then heading back out after nap time. It still is never enough for her! She goes to bed crying for “more park!” She is going to have a wonderful Spring and Summer! She has no idea!








I was hopeful that spending so much time at the park, and walking around, and chasing Jane, and pushing her on the swings, and spending so much time on my feet would motivate baby to come, but so far…no such luck! My due date is just 3 days away now! So at the very most (I’m only allowed to go one week over) we have ten days left! YAY!

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the one on one time I have with Jane while Megan is in school. This girl is going to be a big sister soon and she has NO IDEA what’s about to go down! I’m certain she will love, love, love the new baby, but I am also certain that she still needs a lot of attention herself. I look forward to the change in our family and hope Jane continues to feel so very loved; we are crazy about her for sure.