The weather has FINALLY taken a turn for the better!!

It has been a LONG Winter this year. We got lots and lots of snow (compared to last year when it hardly snowed at all.) We had some great time in the Winter weather, but mostly, we were cooped inside and definitely suffering from cabin fever. These past couple of weeks, the weather has been ranging from the high 40s to even 70 degrees!! We have been able to spend LOTS and LOTS of time outside.

Jane has been the most delighted of all to spend time outside. Megan gets to go to school each day and do recess and other activities outside, but poor Jane has been stuck indoors most days. She can not get enough of the outdoors. We have been hitting the park in the late morning and then heading back out after nap time. It still is never enough for her! She goes to bed crying for “more park!” She is going to have a wonderful Spring and Summer! She has no idea!








I was hopeful that spending so much time at the park, and walking around, and chasing Jane, and pushing her on the swings, and spending so much time on my feet would motivate baby to come, but so far…no such luck! My due date is just 3 days away now! So at the very most (I’m only allowed to go one week over) we have ten days left! YAY!

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the one on one time I have with Jane while Megan is in school. This girl is going to be a big sister soon and she has NO IDEA what’s about to go down! I’m certain she will love, love, love the new baby, but I am also certain that she still needs a lot of attention herself. I look forward to the change in our family and hope Jane continues to feel so very loved; we are crazy about her for sure.



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  1. Still stalking your blog. Jane looks so grown up all of a sudden in your pictures! She is so stinking cute! Love your girls, love reading about your life. Thanks for sharing it.

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