To the ZOO!


The week after Alec arrived was Spring Break for Megan. We tried to make sure she had a fun break. One of the days, Adam took the girls to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake along with my mom and my sister Ann and her children.

Some of the kiddos:

Jane is my little animal lover. Adam was especially excited to experience her first zoo trip with her.


Jane loves elephants. This was her face when she saw elephants in person for the first time:



I’m not an animal lover, per se, but I do enjoy the big huge creatures of the wild. Love these pics of these beautiful animals.




Although slightly overwhelmed, and a little anxious, Megan also enjoyed her trip to the zoo. I think she enjoyed being with her cousins more than anything!

Marshall is such a sweetheart. Both my girls love spending time with him.


Megan especially loves spending time with Katherine. I know that it isn’t always easy to be Megan’s playmate, but Katherine tries so hard to be patient and kind to her.

Adam was able to use Ann’s zoo pass for himself and the girls so he didn’t even have to pay! Thanks Ann!


And while they were gone, I spent my time with this little monkey! I laid him on the ground and unswaddled him in attempts to wake him up for a bath. He wasn’t interested!!


I know my girls will remember this zoo trip for a long time, and I am so glad they were able to go! What a great spring break activity!

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  1. GREAT pictures! Jane’s face when she saw the elephants, and Megan’s as she played with her cousins– absolutely priceless. How awesome that your family captured those moments for you while you were home cuddling your sweet Alec!

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