Bath Time!


On Monday I was super sick. Late Tuesday it got Jane, and Wednesday evening it hit Alec too. After about 12 hours of not being able to keep any milk down, Alec finally was able to eat without getting sick. A bath was definitely in order. Can you believe this little guy was not feeling his best and so exhausted when I took these pictures?? I do NOT exaggerate this boy’s sweet disposition!

The lighting during bath time was perfect for some great pictures of my little boy. He looked so beautiful; I took almost 200 pictures!! Here are just a few of my favorites!




Love this little scrunchy face


Often he squints one eye more than the other when he smiles! So cute.


Love those baby blues.


Look at that face! I just can’t get enough!




[caption id="attachment_8722" align="aligncenter" width="266"]Big Yawn.  Official signal that bath time is over. Big Yawn. Official signal that bath time is over.


All done. Squeaky clean.


Dressed and ready for a nap! He was out about 26 seconds after this photo!

My boy is so cute and just growing up so fast! He is now 6 weeks old and more perfect with each passing moment.


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