Blessed Event


Alec was blessed in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 5th 2013 by his daddy.


Adam and I decided long ago to treat our baby’s blessings as very special, very sacred events. The blessing of a baby is an ordinance of the Gospel. The child’s name will be placed on the church membership records, listing him as “A Child of Record,” and the children are then counted in the Church statistics. Family and friends travel from far and near to attend. It is not an event we take lightly. Both of us spend a lot of time thinking and praying about what special blessings or attributes we wish for our children throughout this lifetime.

In the weeks preceeding Alec’s blessing, Adam and I spent a lot of individual time thinking about what kind of man we want our boy to become. One day, not long before the blessing, we discussed the thoughts we had had. It is amazing to me that we both had the exact same thoughts regarding our Alec. It was a further testament to me of the sacredness of this event.

As Adam began Alec’s blessing, I felt very calm and at peace. My girls were quiet, and I was able to focus on the words from my husband and have my heart completely open to what inspired blessings might come. Each of our four children are so very unique, and so also have been each of their baby blessings. I love baby blessings. I love hearing the love and gentleness in a father’s voice as he blesses his new baby.

Alec’s blessing was beautiful. My heart was filled with warmth and my eyes were filled with tears as Adam blessed our boy with health and strength in body and mind. I also love how he acknowledged those wonderful men who participated in the blessing, “you have come into a troublesome world at a troublesome time but you are already blessed as you are surrounded by family who are righteous holders of the priesthood.”

I felt so strongly that Alec’s blessing was deeply applicable to him when Adam said, “in a day where there is much backbiting and evil speaking and unkind words, we bless you with a special spirit and with the gift of the tongue of angels that you may not participate in such speaking. May your words and your speech always be edifying and may you be an example to those whom you love and with whom you associate. May you always build up faith and always speak kind words and may those who know you feel the holy ghost and feel the love that their father in heaven has for them and for you.”

Alec was blessed with his cousin Levi. I am so glad that we were able to do the two together so that I could also be present for Levi’s special blessing. His father gave him a beautiful blessing as well. These two are such sweet boys. I hope they will always be close friends.


We had a wonderful whirlwind blessing weekend filled with loving family. Special thanks to my sister Sarah, my mom, and my Uncle Kenny and Aunt Valerie and Aunt Debbie for all they did to make the weekend wonderful. Thanks also to Anthony for the beautiful pictures of my boy. Thank you to all who came and who love our little boy so dearly.



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