Alec at Two Months


Little brother is now two months old!


Alec is just so sweet. I am serious. He is happy and calm and peaceful. I can not imagine an easier baby. He never cries. I mean NEVER. He falls asleep SO EASILY. I just pull him close and he falls asleep. He is never up at night. He goes down for bed and sleeps for 5-7 hours straight and then wakes up for five minutes to eat and then sleeps another 3-4 hours. He has never caused Adam or I one sleepless night. He has been a great sleeper from the get-go. I think he is debatably the easiest most perfect baby ever.




I think that it is really a tender mercy that he is so easy. I still deal with daily back pain and even with how easy he is, it is still hard on my back. I can not imagine what state I would be in…emotionally, physically, mentally…if he was a difficult baby. I am grateful every day that the physical toll of having a new baby has been so small.



Alec is so quick to smile. At his two month appointment, his doctor remarked that it took so little to get a smile out of him. At that same appointment, he weighed in at 12 pounds 12 ounces; my biggest 2 month old baby yet. He is just perfect. He still spends most of his day sleeping (in fact, his doctor said he sleeps more than most 2 month olds, but as long as he is alert and active when awake then I should just see it as a blessing. And I do.)



Everyone always says that dressing a girl is more fun than a boy and that there are so many more cute clothing items for girls, but I have been having so much fun dressing up my little guy. I have to say that I no longer believe when people say dressing a girl is more fun. They’re both fun.




Oh and I have been meaning to mention Alec’s dimple. Both Alec and Jane have a very subtle dimple in their cheeks. It’s been hard to catch a good picture, but it’s there.


Our little boy is just growing before our eyes and it so fun watching him become a little person. He gets cuter and sweeter with each passing day. We all just love having him in our home!




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