Jane Update


This girl. She is something else.


I am so crazy about her. Sometimes I will just sit and watch her play or eat or sleep or run around and I just can’t get over how much I love her. Corny, I know. She’s just got me wrapped around her little finger. Seriously.


She’s a whole lot of spunk and attitude, but she’s also super sweet and kind.


She’s got a knack for numbers and she loves spotting and calling out numbers she sees when we are out and about. She also loves colors too and knows all the standard ones. She thinks it’s pretty funny to call things by the wrong color though. Like when I ask her what color her hair is and she says “blue” and starts giggling like crazy. I’m pretty sure she learned that from me because I am the teaser in the family. She also knows almost all of her letters. She gets some mixed up, but she’s got them almost all down pat. She often will burst out singing the alphabet song at any given moment, and again she thinks it’s funny to mix up the letters (much to big sister’s chagrin.)


Jane has gone through obsession after obsession after obsession, but no obsession has hung around as long as her “Cars” obsession. We’re talking the Disney movie. She LOVES Cars. She has watched both movies a million times, but it’s not really about the movies. It’s about the toys. She has always loved her toys. We went through the sing-a-ma-jig phase and the Sesame Street phase and a few others, but Cars has been the longest lasting by far. She ALWAYS has to have a Cars toy on hand. In the shower, at the table, in the car, at church, in bed. ALWAYS. I am glad she has a little brother to pass the Cars on to. That makes every purchase a little easier to justify!



Jane really struggled when little brother arrived, and she wanted very little to do with him. Just recently she had a big turn around, and is falling more and more in love with him. She was also having pretty strong mommy attachment, but she is getting better about that too. Just the other day, she put her arms around me and said, “mommy, you’re my best friend.” She really is just the sweetest thing…when she wants to be!


Jane loves her big sister, and they play really well together. I think she is going to be in heaven when school is out, and she realizes she doesn’t have to say goodbye to Megan each day. They are so sweet and so cute together. I love watching my two daughters together.


I love my little Janie. This really is a very fun age. There’s nothing terrible about this two-year old!



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