Finally Sharing a Room! (Well…Kinda…)


On June 6th we made our first real attempt at having the girls sleep in the same room. We had suggested to Jane before that she could sleep with Megan, but she always adamantly refused. This night, we did our bedtime routine and then said goodnight to the girls while they were still playing and the lights were still on. We told Jane she could stay in Megan’s room and play and sleep in there. She protested a little, but finally decided it wasn’t such a bad idea. In the end, both girls fell asleep!093


Admittedly, many nights Jane will fall asleep in their bed and then wake up crying to come up to our room, but everyone once in a while she will fall asleep downstairs and stay there all night. Those nights are pretty awesome! The whole thing has thrown her schedule off a bit, but with time I think it will be just fine.


Megan is just so sweet to Jane. One night Jane fell asleep much sooner than I expected and Megan told me that she told her a story and she fell asleep. I have noticed that Megan is really selfless when it comes to her little sister. She lets her do anything or have anything she wants willingly and without a fuss. They just don’t come sweeter than Megan.

I love these girls! It is way fun to me that they are sharing a room. I hope they will always be close friends.



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