Alec Gets a Room!



So far Alec has been my best sleeper. Ever since day one his nighttime schedule has been awesome. And now, at almost 3 months old, he has several nights in a row with 8 or 9 hour stretches between waking. Up until Jane moved downstairs, he was sleeping either in his crib-side bassinet or in my arms. The day after Jane had her first successful night sharing a room with Megan, I decided to turn her room into his. He slept in his crib for the first time on June 7th.

Jane passing the torch:


Alec’s first nap in his new bed:

I purchased the crib bedding for Jack, and had planned to do a space theme for him. After I set up the room for Jane (you know, back when the doctor told us she was a boy) and had to take it all down again (you know, 6 weeks before she arrived when he told us she was a girl) I considered getting rid of the bedroom décor that I had bought for Jack. I just didn’t know if I would ever end up using it. I’m glad I hung onto it though because setting it up for Alec’s use wasn’t as emotionally difficult as I once thought it would be. It was just sweet that he was able to use things once meant for his brother.

The canvas with Alec’s birth details was a gift from my brother Sam and sister-in-law Kaylee. It is perfect for his room.


The crib mobile was also purchased for Jack. In fact, the only thing I bought new this time around to complete Alec’s room was a new lampshade!


My mom bought this for us years and years ago. Thanks mom!


My mom also gave us this American flag. We had just been storing it before because we had nowhere to put it, but I thought with the stars and colors it would fit in well in Alec’s room. We’ve also had the star pillow tucked away since Jack.


I like that Alec now has a place to call his own. The room was all girl up until Jane moved downstairs and it was a little weird not having an actual room for him. Now we have a sweet and simple nursery for our sweet and simple little guy.



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