I thought that it might be fun to throw a surprise birthday party for Megan the day before her actual birthday. I remember last year we had her party on the evening of her birthday and the day was just so long for her waiting and waiting until evening arrived. I was a little scared that she might be a little put off that we were having a birthday party on the day that was not actually her birthday, but she was super excited and pleasantly surprised.

The guests:


After summer school, Adam took the girls to the library and to run some other errands. I was getting Megan all dressed up and doing her hair before the set out and she said to me, “why am I getting all dressed up to go to the library?” Hahaha. Now she knows!

Adam thought it might be fun to have Megan follow a path of messages to the party. The theme of the party was fairies and butterflies, so he prepared messages with chalk on the sidewalk from the fairies leading to the party. On the way home from the library, he parked at the nearby school and said, “I think I saw something! Let’s see!” They hopped out right at the beginning of the messages and followed them to the party.


When Megan entered the yard and saw the party set-up, she was a little confused. Once it dawned on her, she was super excited.


Her cousin Marshall was so excited for her!
We did a couple of party activities. The first was to paint fairy houses and little woodland animals.



Then, Adam led the children on a fairy and insect hunt.
Gift time is always the best part of the party! Megan LOVED all the gifts!

Then we had cake and ice cream. Who doesn’t love cake? Megan…that’s who! She said, “mom, can I just take one bite??” And it was the tiniest bite ever. Sorry sweet girl, maybe next year we’ll forgo the cake and have whatever you want!



The two year olds had no such inhibitions when it comes to cake…



The party was a hit and the birthday girl was so happy. She told me it was the “best day ever!” YAY!

Happy birthday Megan!!! We sure love you!!!



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