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Vegas Vacation (Cousins)


Megan and Jane love spending time with their cousins. Jane might seem a little stand-offish at first, but she is always asking for her cousins! And I love getting little Alec and little Levi together. I think there is a good chance these two will be best friends forever and ever!










No matter how often or how infrequently the children get together, they all are so happy to see each other and always have such a good time. Hooray for cousins!

Vegas Vacation (Children’s Museum)


My mom and Sarah and Sonya bought passes to the Discovery Children’s Museum and my family was able to tag along as guests. What a wonderful activity that was! All the children LOVED it. I mean LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Megan is already looking forward to going back at Thanksgiving!

We got so many great pictures of all the children having so much fun! Here are a few of their favorite activities.

All the children (sans babies) waiting to go in. Oldest to youngest.

Beautiful Torie:


Tara participated in the activities, but mostly she was the baby whisperer. By choice.


Coulson loves science. Here he is checking out his hair follicles!
Bradley LOVED the airplane control room!

I think Katherine loved the pet hospital best.


There were all sorts of dress up clothes. Megan choose the NASA suit. “For daddy,” she said.

Little Jamison, showing off her artwork. She is quite the artist!

Conley LOVED the water play area. Conley is so easy to please!


Cora loved the little city play area. She must have worn every possible outfit!


Jane loved the animal hospital as well!
Even Adam got in on the fun!


The babies (and grandma) were mostly spectators. My mom took good care of Alec and Alec took good care of Levi.

We stayed and played for hours and hours and even then the children could’ve stayed longer. Thanks Sarah and Mom for taking us!

Vegas Vacation (Photos by ATrain.)


My sister-in-law Mary asked us for an updated family picture for her home, but we didn’t have a very good one so I asked my brother-in-law Anthony to snap a quick picture of us before church. I told Anthony it could just be simple and easy and this is what we ended up with.
IMG_4442 copy
I love this picture! Anthony went all out for my simple request and gave us such a beautiful picture. Thanks Anthony!

Before the picture Anthony had Adam help him with some light testing. Here are some fun shots of Adam.

These pictures of Megan are not from our family photo shoot but from a different day but I wanted to share them as well. After a friend of mine saw these pictures she said that the photographer must be really skilled at catching the subjects personality. My friend is right on. These pictures of Megan absolutely display her personality.

It’s such a blessing having such a talented photographer in the family! He is always willing to take pictures and never charges us a cent! Love you Anthony!


Vegas Vacation (Kaylee’s Baby Shower)


We planned our Vegas week to coincide with Sam and Kaylee’s visit as well as Kaylee’s baby shower. Sam and Kaylee are expecting a baby girl the first week of October. I am SO EXCITED for them. This will make my mom’s 25th grand baby and Sam and Kaylee’s 1st! This baby girl breaks the boy girl tie of 12 and 12. I can NOT wait for her to arrive!!!

The beautiful mother to be.

I like that Sam stayed for the baby shower.


Sam and Kaylee also got to meet Alec for the first time.


Kaylee is already a wonderful mother, but I am so excited for her to have a baby of her very own. I am so glad Sam married Kaylee! He couldn’t have found kinder, sweeter, more beautiful woman if he tried! I am so excited for Baby Girl Marshall to arrive!

Vegas Vacation (Swimming)


Our Summer has been jam-packed, but we knew we had to find a week to head to Vegas. It was our one big Summer trip and we had a blast! We did so many fun things at very little expense to us because my mom and my sister and my in-laws spoil us! Sometimes it pays to be the poor college students. Oxymoron? But seriously, we had a great trip.

We did lots and lots of swimming while in Vegas. We have gone to Seven Peaks a ton this Summer, but we haven’t gone swimming in any actual pools. Megan felt confident that she was officially a swimmer and she was right! She just jumped right in! She was a bit awkward at first, but by the end of the week she was a fish for sure.

Jane and Cora ready to swim. Sarah and I didn’t know the girls had matching swimsuits. Great minds think alike!


I think that because Megan struggles to control her mind and even her body at times, that those moments when she does have control are so exhilarating for her. She just radiates with pure joy and happiness. I am so proud of her.

Jane also loved swimming!


Swimming in Grandma and Grandpa Jo’s beautiful pool. Grandpa is so fun. He just jumps right in!


I bought a new swimsuit and rash guard for Alec in Utah before we left and then forgot to pack it. So his first swimming experience was in a onesie. I decided to keep him out of the water this summer, and this was the first and only time he spent in the water. He’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy swimming once he’s a little older.


It was so much fun to swim with so many cousins! Definitely a highlight of the trip.