Baby’s First Haircut


So Alec was born with a ton of hair, but it was all concentrated on the back of his head. I remember when he was born the doctor said, “wow, he has a lot of hair!” Then they handed him to me and I was like, “what? where?” And then they flipped him over and sure enough, he did have a lot of hair.


You can see here, on the day of his birth, that he has very little hair in front, and quite a bit coming off the back,

At first I thought it was endearing, but as more and more people commented that it looked like a comb-over or that it was “funny” the way he just had hair in the back, I decided it needed to go. Adam was on board, so together we gave him his first hair cut just 5 days after he turned 3 months old.






The top picture was taken the day before I cut his hair. The bottom picture was taken the day I cut his hair.

Immediately after I cut it, I thought, “oh my gosh that looks awful!” But within a few days it looked just fine. It was sooo weird for the first little while seeing him without all that hair. I peeked in on him sleeping about a million times more frequently because it was just so strange how different he looked. We have discovered that the hair on the back of his head is about 5 shades darker than the rest of the hair on his head, which is kind of strange, and kind of hilarious, and that it grows about 3x faster than the rest of his hair (which is probably why he had so much of it to begin with!)


It is almost like he has fuzzy baby hair everywhere else and then that patch of “normal” hair right on the crown of his head. It’s strange. But it makes him extra cute and unique. The darker section of hair also looks like a little paw print on the back of his head. Maybe a sign that he is destined to be a BYU Cougar.


Bald or furry, comb-over or mullet, this little guy is still just the sweetest cutest thing around!


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