Vegas Vacation (Photos by ATrain.)


My sister-in-law Mary asked us for an updated family picture for her home, but we didn’t have a very good one so I asked my brother-in-law Anthony to snap a quick picture of us before church. I told Anthony it could just be simple and easy and this is what we ended up with.
IMG_4442 copy
I love this picture! Anthony went all out for my simple request and gave us such a beautiful picture. Thanks Anthony!

Before the picture Anthony had Adam help him with some light testing. Here are some fun shots of Adam.

These pictures of Megan are not from our family photo shoot but from a different day but I wanted to share them as well. After a friend of mine saw these pictures she said that the photographer must be really skilled at catching the subjects personality. My friend is right on. These pictures of Megan absolutely display her personality.

It’s such a blessing having such a talented photographer in the family! He is always willing to take pictures and never charges us a cent! Love you Anthony!



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