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Alec is 5 Months Old!!!



I honestly don’t feel like time is just zipping by, but maybe that’s because we have been enjoying the lazy days of Summer. I wonder if time is just going to fly behind our backs now that fall and the holidays are rushing upon us. Anyway, this month has sure been a fun one with Alec. He is just getting cuter and cuter! Here, see for yourself!







This month Alec decided that he just wasn’t “easy” enough, so he thought he would throw in putting himself to sleep on his own. One morning, right around nap time, I laid him down in his crib thinking I would be right back and ran off the change the laundry. I was gone less than five minutes but when I came back, Alec had fallen asleep. I was shocked. You have to understand, that never happened even once with my girls. I thought I would try it again at bedtime to see if it was just a fluke but it happened again. And again. And again. And ever since that first time, that is how Alec has gone to sleep every time without so much as a whimper!! He will rarely fall asleep nursing, and when we are not home and I am not able to lay him in his bed, he will let me rock him. I feel like it is so easy to read Alec’s cues. I don’t know if it’s because I have gotten better at it with time and experience, or if Alec is just the most perfect baby in the world. I am more inclined to believe the later. Did I mention that he goes down with a smile and happy as a clam? I can’t reiterate enough how pleasant this guy is.




I am not sure how much he weighs these days. I would estimate around 16 pounds. He fits just fine in 3-6 months clothes. He’s still only got the two teeth, and I don’t really seen any indication that more are on the way. He is suuuuuuper interested in food, and we will introduce him to his first bite on the day he turns 6 months. He is pretty mobile; inch worming and rolling his way to get to what and where he wants. At his 4 month check-up, the doctor expressed some concern about a flat spot on the back of his head so I have been having him sit up a lot, which means that by his 5 month date, he was already pretty good at sitting on his own.




Jane has really warmed up to Alec this past month. I know I keep saying she is getting better and better with him, but she has made the biggest strides yet this month. I am anxious to see how their relationship develops as he grows, and now that Megan is in school and it’s just the two of them. Megan is still crazy about him. She has recently taken to calling him “Mr. Matey” (not sure where that came from) and we are all now in the habit of calling him that.



I just love being the mama of this little sweetie. I can’t imagine my life without him.





2nd Grade Begins!


Going into this school year, I feel pretty confident that Megan is going to have the best year yet. She has grown so much this past year. I feel so good about her school situation and I know she is going to achieve great things.

It seems like the Summer went by super fast this year. I couldn’t believe we were already heading up to her school for back-to-school/meet the teacher night. Megan was so excited! She is continuing the Chinese Immersion program and I have a great feeling about both her teachers.

Megan was a totally poser for the picture we took as we headed out the open house.

After this pose:


I turned around to see Jane doing this behind my back:


Silly Jane.

We arrived at the school and found Megan’s English class. The teacher had a cute popcorn theme going on and gave all the children a bag of popcorn to thank them for “popping into back to school night.”


Megan showing off her desk:


We then headed over to meet her Chinese teacher. Megan found her desk and had a brief conversation with her Chinese teacher (in Chinese of course.) Jane was increasingly more convinced that she too would be starting school. Poor Jane…


Jane enjoying the school playground:


We left after school night super excited about school starting the next day. I don’t think I have met a child who loves school as much as Megan does!

The next morning Megan was pumped and READY to go!



I’m pretty sure Jane thought it was her special day as well.


Jane and I dropped Megan off at her classroom and I am pretty sure reality was starting to sink in for Megan. She had a little bit of a deer in the headlights look. But she was still happy as a clam.


She was READY for me to leave. I wasn’t ready 😦

Shot this picture of her as I was leaving. I love my sweet girl.

Jane was super upset (to say the least) that she didn’t get to stay at school with Megan. I promised her a trip to the park to lift her spirits. Mostly it seemed to work.



I’m so proud of Megan for being so brave and strong. She continues to amaze me every day.


Week one was a smashing success! Way to go Megan!


The Big 3-Oh


I always thought I would dread the day I turned 30. But as the day drew closer, I found myself feeling semi-apathetic about the age. I was thinking about all that I have accomplished and who I have become and I was feeling more proud than miserable. That’s not to say that I don’t have much more to accomplish and much further to go to become the person I want to become, but I definitely don’t have too many regrets. I am a mother of 4, and I am raising 3 beautiful children. I have a wonderful and talented and smart husband who works hard for our family. I find myself not wanting to be “young” but instead wanting to be the mother and wife that my children deserve I can only come closer and closer to becoming that person with time. So here’s to turning 30.


Adam and the girls gave me a Kindle Fire for my birthday present. I have only gotten limited use out of it so far because the girls always seem to get their hands on it, but with Megan going to school soon and the babies napping at the same time, I will be utilizing it much more.
We went to dinner at Olive Garden. I wanted Café Rio but the girls love Olive Garden so that’s where we went. I may be 30, but my children always come first. So pasta and pizza and bread sticks it was. The children were well-behaved and it was delicious. Win-win.020

When we were at the Donny and Marie show in Vegas, Marie sang the song “Remember When” with the following lyrics:

Remember when thirty seemed so old
Now lookin’ back, it’s just a steppin’ stone
To where we are, where we’ve been

Listening to that, just days before my birthday, really resonated with me and how I was feeling about turning 30. I am excited to see what the next decade has in store for me and my family. I am looking forward to the future and not dwelling on the past. I look forward to comparing this snapshot of my life now to a snapshot 10 years from now. I love my life and anticipate each new age and phase.