Halloween 2013


We had a really fun Halloween season. Both girls understood what Halloween was and looked forward to the actual day/week of celebration.

I asked Megan what she wanted to be this year, and she told me she didn’t care as long as she was coordinated with her brother and sister. SCORE! A girl after my own heart. She has loved the themed Halloween costumes of the past. I wonder how long this will last with her.

I decided to still base their costumes off of something she loved, so I choose to have her be an elf (she loves “Elf on the Shelf”) and coordinate brother and sister with her. So I give you, Santa, an elf, and a snowman.











The children wore Halloween attire throughout the month. Not as much as in years past, but every couple of days I put them in Halloween clothing.




This Halloween bow tie was a gift from my cousin Sara. And Alec’s jean jacket was sent to me for Jack from my good friend Heather.


We did a lot of fun Halloween activities during the month of October. One night, for family home evening, we carved pumpkins. The girls didn’t really care to carve pumpkins. All they really cared was that we had carved pumpkins. So mostly I did the pumpkin carving. Do I say every year that I’m not doing it next year? Probably.








We took the girls trick or treating to the assisted living center. They had a great time and they brought a smile to the faces of a lot of people.


Our ward had a “trunk or treat” for the first time since we’ve been in the ward and the children loved it. There was a chili dinner, lots of fun activities, and trick or treating in the upstairs rooms (since it was raining out.) We all had a great time.


Megan’s school has a Halloween parade every year which is a lot of fun. They have the preschool children parade around while we wait for the school aged children to arrive and Jane loved that. She was an absolute DIVA making the rounds; waving and smiling and dancing her way through the crowd. She was so cute. She is something else, that’s for sure.



Then Megan arrived and just lit up the room with her smile. She is just so sweet. She may have put her hat on inside out and her costume on backwards, but she was just so radiant and happy. She was the cutest little elf.


Megan woke up Halloween morning to find a surprise visit from her elf, Jass. She was so excited and wrote a note back to Jass.


On Halloween night we went to a party at our old bishop’s home, and then we set out for trick or treating. The girls had fun, but we were tired and done before long. It seemed like there were a lot of homes with their porch light on but no one answered. It was pretty anti-climatic for the girls to go from door to door and no one answered. They had fun, but it made for a long night.



I love being a mom and being able to witness holidays through the eyes of my children. I hope you all had a happy Halloween as well!!!




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  1. Such cute costumes! I wish there was a public service announcment about Halloween etiquette. We only encountered a few doors with the lights on, and no one home, but it is a bummer when there are a lot of houses lit up, and no one answering.

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