Alec at 8 Months!


Alec is 8 months old!! He is so cute and so sweet and so fun! I love him!


Alec has 7 teeth and number 8 is just sitting there just waiting to pop through. I can’t believe he has almost 8 teeth at 8 months!!! And he has been so pleasant through all that teething. They really just do NOT come sweeter!



Alec is also finally crawling on all fours. I say “finally” not because he’s behind the average or anything, but because he was army crawling for SO LONG! He is so cute on all fours! He started just a few days before turning 8 months and he has not looked back! He has no problem climbing all the way up our stairs, and I don’t think it will be long before he is backing down them as well. He also stands independtly for a few seconds at a time and loves to cruise along furniture…walls…people…everything! He always has been super active. He keeps this mama active, too!

There’s not too much else to report this month. I am just trying to hurry and get caught up on the old blog before he turns 9 months! Ha! Alec continues to be such a ray of sunshine to our little family. I feel like he is certainly beginning to grow up way too fast, but I am loving every minute spent with him.



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