Sweet Jane


Here’s a little update on Jane these days.


One night Jane went to bed a little two year old stinker, and the next day she woke up sweet as apple pie. It was literally overnight that our little two year old outgrew the whining and tantrums and difficulties in communication and all of a sudden she was a new girl. Of course we have always loved her so very much, but this new Jane is pretty.dang.awesome.



Jane is so much fun. She loves when our entire family is all together and always makes a point of mentioning when “our whole family” is doing something together. Whether it’s riding in the car or sitting around the table or sitting on the couch, she says, “look! it’s our whole family!” She is crazy about each member!



It did take Jane a little while to warm up to her new baby brother, but now she is so in love with him. She still has her moments where she isn’t super eager to share her things with him or have him in too close proximity, but for the most part, she really enjoys his company.


Jane is artistic and creative. She loves playing pretend or coloring or playing with play-doh. She and Megan have a great time playing house or school together, and they get along so well. Megan wasn’t in to imaginative play at all when she was Jane’s age, so it’s been a fun experience for me to witness as well.




On the first Monday in November, I woke up and decided I was going to start potty training with Jane. I don’t know why, since I hate potty training. I didn’t mind having two in diapers, and she wasn’t really showing any interest. I just woke up thinking I needed to try and I felt like she was ready. I think I was mostly thinking that since she would be starting primary right after her third birthday, that maybe she oughta be potty-trained. I don’t know. Anyway, we started potty training on November 4th and I can safely say that it went wonderfully. In a matter of days she was 100% good to go, and only after very few accidents. On day one I put her in a pull-up for nap, and she hated it, so after that she never napped with a pull-up. And for about 3 nights I put a diaper on her and then stopped doing that too because she was always dry. So here we are, 5 weeks later, no diapers, no pull-ups, no accidents (she has wet the bed ONCE.) I still can’t even believe it. A tender mercy for sure.




I can hardly believe that my little baby girl is going to be 3 in just a couple of weeks. I just love her to death and I am so glad she is my daughter.




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