Alec needed surgery for Orchiopexy on December 12th. He and I headed up to Primary Children’s at Riverton in the morning. It was a laparoscopic minor thing, and everything went really smoothly before and after the surgery. They found the issue, and they were able to take care of some things. He will need a second surgery for the Orchiopexy in about a month. While doing the surgery, they found that he has a bulge on his intestine which was causing the problem in the first place. This bulge is called Meckel’s Diverticulum and is only found in 2% of the population. Most of the time it doesn’t cause any problems and most people don’t even know they have it. But when it does cause problems, they can be pretty severe, so they want to remove it. He will have that surgery in 6 months and it will require a three-day hospital stay…definitely not looking forward to that.

I was doing pretty well before the surgery. Alec wasn’t allowed to eat for 5 hours beforehand, and I was so worried he would be hungry, but he was just as happy and calm as could be. I had to wash him down and dress him in some surgery scrubs. Then we went to a little waiting area where he played and several doctors and nurses came and explained everything to me. I was fine when they took him away from me, and I felt like everything was going to be ok.









The waiting was definitely the hardest part. And because they discovered the Meckel’s, it took them longer than they had original anticipated. Then when they came to tell me how everything went, they had me go in a private “consultation room” where I waited for quite some time, and then several doctors came in to talk to me. They told me about the bulge, and I was so sure they were going to say it was a tumor or something. I was of course relieved that it was not, but that idea of more surgeries was also disheartening.

After talking with me, I had to continue to wait until Alec was more awake. I was finally feeling very anxious to be with my boy. I had been trying so hard to be brave and not connect this experience with the experiences we had waiting for Jack to get out of surgery, but after so long, I was struggling. When he was finally in my arms and was coming to, I was totally fine and relieved. I just like having my babies in my arms.






The recovery went well. He has three incisions; one on his belly button and two on either side. He didn’t really need pain meds and was back to his happy self within a day or two. I sure love this sweet boy and I am anxious for all these surgeries to be out of the way.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! My 6-month-old son is having this surgery in two days at the same hospital. Several people have described the surgery to me but I’ve had no idea of what to expect the before and after to be like. Your story was so helpful to me. Thank you!

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