Alec turned 9 months old the day after Christmas.

Have I mentioned how sweet and wonderful this boy is??? Well, he is. As he is getting older, he is becoming more and more fun. We can tell that he is going to be quite the funny little guy. He is all about laughing and smiling and happiness. He is such a joy.


He has mastered crawling up the stairs, and slowly works his way down a couple as well. He stands for long periods of time independently, and I continue to feel certain we will have an early walker on our hands (like within the next month or so!) He is sporting 8 adorable pearly whites, and has just the most adorable toothy grin.



He loves his sisters, and enjoys playing with them in their room more than anything. He longs to be outside these days, but it’s just too cold and wet. He is a good little eater, but he still mostly nursing. He has no interest in baby food…at all…so we let him have safe table foods and he is all over that.



He seems to be quite the parrot, and can repeat back “dada” and he can say “ball.” He loves to play ball and drive little cars across the floor. He is so cute and such a little boy!


Because of the holidays, his 9 month appointment will be a little late, so I am not sure his stats. I would estimate that he is tall (ha!) and weighs around 20 pounds. He is growing great and just owns our hearts!



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  1. You take the most beautiful pictures I have EVER seen. What kind of camera do you have??? (Not that it would make me as talented, but it might help a little…) Plus your children are just so beautiful. Love love love your blog. 🙂

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