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Alec’s “First” Haircut


Technically, Alex got his first “haircut” at 3 months old, but that was just to clean up his comb-over.

I waited until his first birthday to give him a haircut (as in, I cut his hair one day after he turned 1!) I am not opposed to the shaggy look little boys have going on these days, but I am opposed to the sloppy look, so it was time to give him a little clean up.




So cute!

So cute!

He looked so much older once I cut it. But so much cuter as well! 😉

Alec Turns ONE!


It’s hard to believe one year has already come and gone. Our little sweet boy has changed so much and has only grown cuter and sweeter each day!


We had a very simple, low-key birthday celebration for little Alec. It was a very busy Wednesday, but we made sure to do plenty to shower the birthday boy with love.

The girls insisted he open a gift the moment he woke up. He was so excited and loved the gifts from his grandma and grandpa Johanson!


After the bedhead was taken care of, Alec and I had a little birthday photo-shoot in the yard. All he wanted to do was run around and play, and he wasn’t interested at ALL in doing pictures. Luckily I was able to capture a few good ones. Well…it’s actually not that hard to get good ones of this boy! He’s so cute!!!


The day was a busy one, but I so enjoyed running around with my new one year old! At his one year appointment, he weighed in at 19 pounds and stood at 31 inches. He has always been on the tall side. We’ll see if he ends up staying tall!


After dinner, we presented the birthday boy with his very own and very first cake. At first he was interested in little tastes, but he did NOT like his hands being sticky. He didn’t end up eating much of his cake…which meant his mom ended up eating a lot of his cake…



We did more gifts after cake. Alec loved his dumptruck from his Uncle Matt and Aunt Mary (and family) and his dinosaurs from his sisters.



He started the day with a gift from his Johanson grandparents, and ended the day with some PJs from his Grandma Marshall. We love CARS in this family!


The birthday boy had a great day. Thank you to everyone who sent gifts, cards, calls or texts. He is one special boy. He really is so sweet. This past year with him has one of the best of our life. We love you Alec! Thank you for being born!


Once There Was a Tree…and She Loved a Little Boy.


When my son Jack was in the hospital, he had regular echocardiograms to check his heart. During one such exam, the technician told me that when Jack is sixteen, and asks for the car keys, I can just say “no” because in his infancy, Jack had already expended his allotment of lifetime stress and worry from his mother. I told the technician that if Jack lived, and I was able to raise him, that he could have whatever he wanted from me. Whenever he wanted it.

jack 055

Since then, that has been the attitude I have had toward all my children. It’s not a laissez faire kind of attitude, and it doesn’t mean I don’t discipline them, but there isn’t anything my children could do that could diminish my love for them, and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for their every happiness.


In a quiet moment right after Alec was born, when it was just him and me, I held him so close and whispered a promise to him that I would love him so much; even more than I loved myself, and that I would spend every day of my life showing him that I loved him. In a way, I was reminding Jack that I would have done the same for him and that I still loved him so much and I will give my everything to live happily with him forever.


Shortly after we brought Alec home, I was reminded of the book, “The Giving Tree.” The book is about a female tree who loves a little boy, even more than she loves herself. She gives all she has to the boy to make him happy. In the end, she is just a stump and the boy, who is then an old man, uses her as a place to sit and rest. There are lots of interpretations of the book, some sweet, some not-so-pleasant, but for me, it symbolizes the love I have for my little boy. He can cut me down to a stump if that’s what he needs from me. I will love him unconditionally and forever. Whatever he wants. Whenever he wants it.


Alec is now one year old. I will teach him his entire life the principles of the Gospel. I will teach him that God loves him and I will always direct him to the paths that lead to eternal happiness. And I will always love him, no matter what, more than I love myself. Happy Birthday to my sweet little Boy. You and your sisters make me so happy. I promise to always do the same for you.