A Sad Accident


It was a Friday evening. We were eating dinner. We had everything ready and on the table by 4:55 because we were supposed to be at Adam’s Aunt’s house at 5:30. We were trying to get the kids to eat dinner, but they were all over the place. Jane in particular would take a bite and then run around. At 5:00 exactly, she ran into our bedroom which is just off the eating area. Adam was in there as well, chasing down Alec. He watched as Jane tripped and fell in the doorway, and landed: mouth first, on a small trunk we had against the wall. I heard him say, “oh honey! That looked bad!” Jane started screaming and I rushed to her. Her mouth was bleeding and I saw immediately that some teeth had been knocked out. I scooped her up and ran her to the sink where I demanded she spit out her teeth. She shook her head “no” but finally spat out two teeth along with some half chewed dinner.


The trunk on which Jane hit her teeth. You can see the teeth marks on the lower right side of the top of the trunk.

We immediately called our dentist’s office, but since it was just barely after 5, they were closed. The message indicated an emergency number so we called right away but got no answer. The dad who coached Megan’s soccer team with me is also a dentist and he had given me his card just a few days early. I called him, but while doing so, our dentist returned our call. He was up in Lehi but said he could meet us at his Provo office in 20 minutes. This will bear repeating several times over the next few posts about Jane’s teeth, but our dentist is THE BEST.

We all rushed to the dentist, Megan in tears because she had really been looking forward to going to see her Aunt, and also she was scared and worried for Jane. She tried to be so sweet and told Jane she would be beautiful with or without teeth. I sat in the back with Jane on my lap, and she quickly fell asleep. She slept right up until it was time for an X-Ray, and then she was remarkably calm throughout. I asked if she could keep the X-Ray vest on during the entire visit, because I knew how the weight soothes Megan when she is overwhelmed, and it seemed to work wonders.


The X-ray showed that two teeth had come clean out, 1 more was extremely loose, and the 4th was jammed up into her gums. Our dentist recommended pulling the other two affected teeth and then getting a semi-permanent retainer of 4 teeth once the gums healed. So that’s what we decided to do.


Once the appointment was over, Jane and Megan were both eager to go to their Aunt’s house, and even though I didn’t feel up to it, we did. Jane was in a great mood and high spirits. My heart was broken and I kept hoping the whole thing wasn’t real. This all happened 2 days before Mother’s Day and 3 days before Alec was scheduled for major surgery. Never a dull moment.



Jane the morning after. Her gums were grooooooss. The dentist said they would be ugly for about a week.


So many people reached out and shared condolences with little Jane. It really was such a sad thing, but my spirits were lifted so much by all the care and concern of others. Jane is one loved little girl. I was so sad she had to go through this, but it was again a reminder of how social media has allowed for a community of people who love us. Thank you so much for all the love sent our way. During this experience and so many others.


Jane woke up the morning after the accident to a few dollars from the Tooth Fairy and a new Beanie Boo


My awesome cousin Sara and my sweet friend Kim sent Jane care packages including Beanie Boos for all the children. Big hit around here!

Jane is such a sweet girl and had a pretty positive attitude through the entire thing. The first week or so was difficult because she couldn’t eat much, but she healed quickly We sure love this little girl of ours. Only 8 more weeks and she will get her retainer with her new teeth. Until then she is still super adorable.





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