Class Play and Last Day of School


On May 27th, Megan’s second grade class put on a cute little musical production of “Little Red Riding Hood.” Megan played the part of one of three narrators. She did a great job! It was so fun for our little family to go to her school to watch her perform. Some neighbor friends also joined us.

It is always interesting to witness how unique Megan is compared to her same aged peers. I sure love that girl and how hard she tries each and every day.


Megan pre-play with the other two narrators

Some action shots.  Megan was so animated!

Some action shots. Megan was so animated!


Jane was so proud of her big sister!

Megan’s school traditionally holds a dance program on the last day of school. The last day of school this year was May 30th. Megan’s grade performed the traditional ancestral war cry, the Haka, and also a Hula dance. It is always a fun program to watch. Afterwards, we returned to the classroom to say goodbye to Megan’s teachers.

Megan had a great year. Her teachers were wonderful and it was really hard to say goodbye. So far we have loved every single teacher she has ever had. We hope that trend continues. We know Heavenly Father is so mindful of our sweet girl.

Megan and Jane, first day of 2nd grade.

Megan and Jane, first day of 2nd grade.


Megan and Jane, last day of 2nd Grade


Megan waiting for the program to begin






Megan with Miss Gu, her Chinese Instructor. She was awesome.


Megan and Mrs. Snow, her English teacher. They don’t come better than Mrs. Snow.

075 We celebrated the end of the school year and the start of summer with some slip n’ slide action. YAY FOR SUMMER!

Hard to believe in just three short months Megan will be starting 3rd grade!  In the meantime, we are going to enjoy our summer hardcore!



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