Happy Birthday to me!!


On August 2nd I turned 31 years old, which in and of itself isn’t super remarkable, but what is remarkable is that Adam and I were able to go out on a date for the first time in I CAN’T REMEMBER WHEN. Adam’s parents were in town and offered to watch the children so we could go out. Normally I would decline any such offer from anyone, but our children love their grandma and grandpa and I knew they would be in good hands and I needed a break and alone time with my husband!

First we went to JDawgs, which is a hotdog joint here in Provo that is super popular but I had never been to. It was delish! Right next door is Spoon-It-Up, which is a frozen yogurt place, so we got dessert there. I actually wanted to laugh at the parents who were at JDawgs and Spoon-It-Up with their children because for the first time I wasn’t!!


Mmmmm JDawgs.



I took a picture at Spoon It Up to Instagram…


And Adam took a picture of me taking a picture…

After eating we hit a couple stores and I got a new vacuum and a new computer desk chair. I was totally excited about both. It was great to go shopping with just Adam.

We got home to find the children happy and we enjoyed the cake Adam bought me. It was a great day.


Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa Jo!


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