Ogden Temple Open House and Rededication


On September 2nd, Adam and I were able to take Jane and Alec to the Ogden Temple Open House. The Ogden temple had been closed since April 2011 for renovation, and only opened again in July of 2014. I wish we would have been able to take Megan, but we were only able to get tickets for times when she was in school. It was a beautiful and wonderful experience and I am glad we took the opportunity to drive up and go through.



On September 21st, the temple was rededicated and across the entire state of Utah, no regular church meetings were held. Adam and I went to our stake center to watch the rededication. Adam attended in the morning and I attended in the afternoon. President Henry B. Eyring was one of the speakers in my session and he gave a tearful account of losing an infant grandchild who he “never had the blessing of holding in this life.” He spoke of how “joyful” he felt knowing that, because of the resurrection and sealing power of the temple, his grandchild would be reunited with her family. In the darkness of the chapel, silent and private tears rolled down my cheeks as the spirit once again bore testimony to me of this truth and as I connected with President Eyring in a way I hadn’t before. I know I too can be reunited with my infant child. I am so grateful for the temple. I’m so glad we took the time to go to the Ogden open house. The Ogden Temple will forever hold a special place in my heart.



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