More Dental Drama


About a month after Jane got her false teeth retainer, one of her fake teeth fell out…right in the middle of her tumbling class. The instructor came over with the tooth in utter shock and confusion. She said, “it’s not bleeding or anything…it just fell right out…?” I had to fight so hard from laughing as I explained her front teeth were fake. So anyway, we were able to get an appointment that day with her dentist.




Our dentist popped out her retainer and repaired the broken tooth. Jane DID NOT like having the retainer taken off and put back on again. It’s not a totally comfortable process. And unfortunately, just a couple days later the tooth came off again. This time our dentist thought it would be best to have a new retainer made which rested on her teeth a little differently. This meant the retainer had to come out again and new molds needed to be made. It took a couple weeks for the first mold, and then it didn’t fit right in Jane’s mouth. So they had to do it all over again. Poor girl hated going to the dentist.





Our dentist is so great with Jane. He sang to her to calm her down and is always patient and kind to her.


The trips to the dentist are so traumatic, she often would fall asleep in the car afterwards.


Jane’s newest retainer was finally ready on the first of October and has been great ever since. She is a happy girl as long as she doesn’t have to go to the dentist!




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