Gifted and Talented


On November 6th we got a letter in the mail with Megan’s CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) scores saying she qualified for the Gifted and Talented education program. The letter explained that children who scored in the top 3-5 percentile are generally considered gifted and talented and that Megan scored in the top 3-5%tile in all eight areas tested. Adam and I decided to discuss it with Megan and see if it was something she even wanted to do (it seemed likely she wouldn’t want to miss anything going on in her regular classes and we thought we would probably pass on the program.) Before we could discuss it, however, we had her parent teacher conference and discovered she’d already been attending the gifted program for weeks. And she was LOVING it.

We are very proud of Megan but mostly this just goes to show how she continues to be blessed academically without much intervention on my part and especially when I would have chosen one path for her and another would be better. I sure am crazy about my super smart, thoroughly sweet little girl. I’m so grateful for the hand of the Lord in her life and the help He grants me in raising her.


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