Family Pictures 2014


Since 2011, my cousin Clayton has taken our family pictures once a year. As stressful as family pictures are, I always look forward to the fall and family pictures. Clayton does an amazing job and I am always so happy with how they turn out.


Family Picture 2011


Family Picture 2012


Family Picture 2013

This year Clayton was expecting a new baby in early October, which is when we like to do pictures each year. Both of us were just fine moving the time and doing it later, but I just kept putting it off and putting it off, and not really feeling up to doing it. I had finally decided things were just too crazy busy and we would skip it this year. But then one afternoon I told Adam “let’s just get dressed up real quick and get it done.” Oh how I missed Clayton (who was totally willing to do our pictures, it was all my fault it never happened.) We had gotten rid of our tri-pod just a couple months earlier (we had never used it before) so we took a couple laundry baskets to the park to set the camera on and set the timer and…well, I really wish I would have just made it happen with Clayton.


Family Picture 2014

So I don’t think the picture turned out bad, I just know Clayton would have done better and we only got one good family picture from our laundry basket photo-shoot. I am still very glad that we did it at all instead of skipping this year. I love sending out Christmas cards and I wouldn’t have done that either without an updated family picture.

It was late November and cold outside and this children weren’t excited about pictures, but we did get a few cute ones of them. I mean, I proabably couldn’t get a bad picture of their sweet faces even if I tried.






I look forward to next year’s family picture day and hope Clayton and I are both still in the area so he can take them for us!


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