Lights at Temple Square


Adam and I had never taken the family up to Salt Lake City to see the Christmas lights at temple square, so one evening in December we headed up there for family night. We got there right at 4:55 and were so excited to be there right when the lights actually turned on. 5pm came and the music started and we looked around anxiously and…nothing. We were standing right by the large nativity scene and it turns out that they have lights pretty much every where but there. So we missed the wow factor of seeing all the lights come on, but we still enjoyed seeing the lights.




It was a beautiful night and the children were all so happy to be there. We also stopped in at the Tabernacle as well as the visitor’s center.




Jane loves Christmas lights and was pulling us in every which direction. Megan’s favorite part was the visitor’s center and the displays and Christus in there. Alec was just kind of chill the whole time and seemed to just be taking it all in. I’m glad we made it up there this year and I hope we make it back again.


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