Jane Turns FOUR!


Once again, we had Jane’s birthday party in Las Vegas. Her birthday was actually on Sunday the 28th, but we decided to do her party a day early on Saturday.


Jane is such a sweet girl. She is so loving and so genuine. She is very protective of those closest to her. She is so loyal. She loves to be surrounded by family and cousins. She is so happy and carefree. She is quick to be silly and to laugh.


Jane is so very smart and loves to learn new things. She has a large vocabulary consisting of many large words which she uses appropriately. She loves to learn new things and looks up to her big sister to teach her.


Jane has the cutest smile and the sweetest little face. She gets more beautiful with each passing day. She is slowly shedding her baby-hood and is becoming such a little lady.


Jane is very social. She loves to play with others, but her favorite playmates are her siblings, parents, and cousins.

Jane is eager to please her mom and dad, but she also speaks her mind and says what she wants and needs. She is obedient and honest and well-behaved. She also loves to have fun and let loose.


I often think back on the day that we found out Jane was a girl (at 34 weeks pregnant) after having initially been told that we were having a boy. I tell her all the time how grateful I am that I got her instead of any other child. She always gives me the best hug and kiss when I tell her that story. I love her so very much.


Jane’s party was fun and low-key. It’s so fun having her party right after Christmas with so many of her cousins around.


Most of Jane’s party guests

We had pizza and then a little dance party action. The kids had a blast dancing around the house to their favorite tunes.


After dancing, we did gifts. Jane loved all the gifts and got spoiled by so many family members. She is such a sweet girl and is always so grateful for each thing she gets.



After gifts we did cake and ice cream and then headed back to Utah. It was the perfect end to our Holiday vacation.



Oh Jane! I love you so much. Thank you so much for being born! I can’t wait to see how you change over this next year, but I don’t mind at all if you slow it down a little!!!


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