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Valentine’s Day 2015


We had a pretty chill and low-key Valentine’s Day. Adam’s parents sent Adam an Olive Garden gift card for his birthday, so our family went out to dinner a few days after his birthday and a few days before Valentine’s Day and called it good for both ;).

My cousin Sara sent Megan and Jane these bookmark Valentines she made to give to their friends and classmates. Such a big help for me that I didn’t have to make Valentines this year!


Adam had to work Saturday morning, so while he was gone I made him his favorite dish, pot pie.



We got the kids little gifts this year. I love any excuse to give them stuff! Megan has been saying since Christmas that she asked for Battleship and didn’t get it (I have no recollection of her asking for it!), so I thought it was the perfect gift for her. Jane still loves Beanie Boos, and Alec needed a backpack to carry around all his action figures.


For dinner we had our traditional heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s; a crowd favorite.


I know some people think Valentine’s Day is a lame, over-rated holiday, but any excuse to shower my family with love is a good excuse for me.

Happy Valentine’s Day from my loves to yours.


Noah’s Baptism in Vegas


Less than 24 hours after Adam returned from Australia, my sister and I headed to Las Vegas. We took my three kids and a couple of her kids down for our nephew Noah’s baptism. I was so tired from Adam being gone that week, but I am so glad we went down.


The kids loaded up and ready to go. Alec was so excited to be sitting in the back with his cousin Marshall. I sure missed him way back there though!


Alec wanted Jude in his arms the moment he saw him. This boy loves the babies! (please let it stay that way!)


Noah and my brother Loren. What a special day.


Pretty cousins waiting for the baptism to begin. Jane loves Katherine and Lyla!


The men from the confirmation circle. The only way this group could get more handsome is if Adam was with them.


The baptism attendees. It was packed! You can tell lots of people love and support Noah and his family.


After the baptism we had a luncheon at Loren and Sonya’s house. I got to spend time with one of my favorite people ever, Sara Kelley.


We are so proud of you Noah! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.

Trip to Australia Number 3


On February 2nd, Adam made his third trip out to Australia to use telescopes there. It was his quickest trip yet; he left Monday night and was home in time to teach his Thursday evening lecture.


CSIRO is the Australian equivalent of the US National Science Foundation. Adam conducted his observations from here.


One of the old radio telescopes that now decorates the grounds.


Adam taking his observations.


Apparently what radio data looks like. Adam says that radio astronomers don’t listen to anything with headphones like they show in the movies. Well…except Taylor Swift.


This Big Mac is made with 100% Australian beef.


Just the tip of Sydney, headed out over endless miles of ocean.

We sure missed Adam while we was gone but I’m so proud of him and his hard work.