Fairy Tea Party at Provo Library


For years I have seen the “Fairy Tea Party” advertised each spring at Provo Library. I’d always thought it sounded fun but never really followed through to get more information or considered attending. This year, however, I saw the posters and thought we should try it out. I kind of forgot about it until late one Friday night when the Provo Library posted on their Facebook page that tickets went on sale the next morning at 9am. I talked to Megan and asked if she wanted to attend and she originally said no (she’s never too keen to try something new.) Then the next morning at about 8am she told me she changed her mind and she wanted to go. I thought I would go right at 9 when the library opened and when tickets went on sale and figured I would be one of the first to purchase. Adam had to leave for work at 10 and I thought I had plenty of time to get the tickets.

I arrived at the library at about five minutes to 9. I noticed right away that there were a lot of cars. I parked in the underground parking and went inside. I was shocked to see HUNDREDS of people in line to buy the fairy tea party tickets. I had NO IDEA it was that big of a deal. I decided to wait in line for a few minutes to see how fast it moved, knowing I had to get back for Adam to get to work and also knowing they would likely sell out before I could even get a chance to purchase.


A small section of the ticket line.

As I made my way to the end of the line, I heard someone call out “Elizabeth.” I looked around and didn’t see anyone, but then again they called out, “Elizabeth. Elizabeth Johanson!” I looked up and my neighbor was standing about 50 people back at the front of the line. She motioned me up to join her. I felt a little uncomfortable “cutting” in line, but she and the people around me assured me it was no big deal. She told me she had gotten there at 7:30, and some people had been there since 5:30am! The guy right behind us said his wife sent him at 7:30 and he figured tickets went on sale at 8am. His wife hadn’t told him 9. I just couldn’t believe it. And I couldn’t believe my “good luck” that I was able to be in the front even though I was so uninformed and unprepared. In fact, I got to move even further up because I wanted tickets for the Friday tea instead of Saturday. I ended up being all done purchasing tickets and back in my car by 9:15.

As I was leaving, the man whose wife had sent him to get tickets was being told he couldn’t purchase because he hadn’t brought his library card (he said he didn’t know he needed it.) You could tell he was so flustered and had no idea what he was going to do. He didn’t want to go home empty handed and there was no way he could run and get his card and get back in time to get tickets. I quietly went and handed him my card. He was so so so grateful. All they needed was to see the card to know you were a library patron. He flashed the card and got his tickets. I was glad I was able to pay forward my good fortune of being able to get tickets to someone else.

It might not seem that big of a deal that things worked out so well for me to get tickets, but for me (and for Megan) it was a big deal. She would have been so crushed if I had come home empty handed or had not had been able to stay in line since Adam had to get to work. She had made the difficult decision to try something new and would have been even less willing to make a decision like that in the future if it hadn’t worked out. I am so grateful for the tender mercy with which we were able to get tickets.

Since this post is long enough with just the ticket purchasing background, I’ll just post some pictures of the night with brief captions.


Pretty fairies all ready to go. As I was purchasing tickets, I decided last minute to grab a couple extra for my two nieces. I figured if they couldn’t make it then it would be easy to find someone to give the tickets to. They could make it and were so excited!


So beautiful


Fairy Katherine


Fairy Megan


Fairy Jane


Fairy Norine


My pretty girls


Here we go!

We arrived a few minutes early so the girls read some library books while they waited.

We arrived a few minutes early so the girls read some library books while they waited.


Jane holding tight to her ticket


Katherine and Megan perusing the program and menu


The Fairy King opening the festivities. Each ticket had an assigned seat and we had great seats!


Jane watching the fairy ballet


Norine watching the fairy ballet


The girls eating their refreshments. They served strawberries, muffins, cookies, cheese, and water with lemon.


Katherine and Megan chatting during the party


Norine was enamored with the ballet fairies. Especially the gold one.


The girls on the dance floor.


Beautiful dancing fairies


Each girl got to curtsey before the king. He gave them all a gold coin they could redeem for a book. Here are the girls posing with the Royal Fairy Court after the party.

All the girls had a wonderful time. They all said they hope to do it again next year. It was so fun to get them all dressed up for a girl’s night out.

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