Alec Turns 2!!!


Happy Birthday to our sweet Alec Adam!!!


What a wonderful two years this has been. The time is just FLYING by. Alec is so sweet and such a delight. He is so happy and carefree. He is so quick to laugh and smile.


However, he is a total boy! He loves to run and jump and kick and throw and crash and growl…He loves superheroes, airplanes, animals and dinosaurs, but his most favorite thing ever is cars, cars, and more cars.


He is my best eater. It is such a joy and relief to watch him eat anything and everything we put before him. Among his favorite foods are bananas, strawberries, corn dogs, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, peas, corn, beans and rice, and sandwiches. He will eat pizza…but unlike his sisters, it’s not his favorite!


Alec favors mommy over anyone else, but he seriously loves each member of his family. He loves to tackle and wrestle with his sisters, and dance and spin with his daddy. He loves, loves, loves babies.


He still isn’t talking much, but I feel like it’s coming along. I feel like he is standing on a precipice of speech and any moment now it’s just going to take off. He will, however, begin speech therapy next week to aid him in his speech. For as little as he talks, he sure understands so much. His comprehension is amazing. I hope that with time his speech will follow.  He also continues to walk on his tip-toes and his doctor has made a couple of suggestions for us to help him learn to walk more flat-footed. At his two-year appointment, he weighted 26 pounds and was 35.5 inches tall.


I nursed Alec for the last time on New Years Eve 2014. He adjusted very well (although he continued to ask to nurse right up until a couple of weeks ago! He never got too upset or sad when I told him no.) We also began “sleep-training” at that same time. For about two months we would just sit on the couch in his room quietly until he fell asleep, but one day I decided to just tell him goodnight and the I left and he had zero problem whatsoever with me leaving. He has been going to bed on his own ever since. He goes down around 8pm and gets up around 7am. He naps about 2 hours during the day…although the last couple of weeks he has had several days where he doesn’t sleep at all during nap time and just jabbers and plays. I am so scared he is going to give up naps soon. It is too early, but the exact same age that his sisters stopped napping!!! No!!!


We put Alec to sleep on his birthday eve in a Birthday Boy t-shirt his Aunt Mary sent him. He woke up on his birthday happy and smiling and excited about the day!


We had a busy day, but we celebrated him throughout. We did presents after Megan got home from school in the afternoon and cake and ice cream after Adam got home from the night class he teaches in the evening.






Alec was a little confused by all the action and gifts and cake, but he was ever the happy sweet boy.  His sisters were so sweet to him the entire day and Jane insisted he was only two after he blew out his birthday candles!



It’s hard to believe my little boy is two. He is seriously such a delight and we are so happy he is a part of our little family. Happy birthday sweet boy! I love you so much!



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