Adam Graduates With His PhD


Adam’s doctorate status became official when he passed his defense and his papers were signed, but graduation day made it feel even that much more official (and then when he received his diploma in the mail it felt super duper official.)

The day started bright and early with Adam’s graduation at 8am.



Adam’s parents, a couple of aunts and nieces, and one of his sisters came to attend the graduation with us. We were sure happy to have them there.


I can’t remember the number for sure, but there were only about 10 PhD graduates from both the department of Physical and Mathematical sciences. For each PhD graduate, they read a short write-up about their accomplishments and achievements. They read some technical stuff about Adam’s research and published papers while robing him and giving him his “diploma.” He was so cute and serious and I was so proud of him.






That afternoon, Adam attended his niece’s graduation, also from BYU. She graduated with her undergraduate degree in English. That evening, Adam’s parents threw a joint party for the two graduates at the Peaks Ice Arena. It was fun to spend time with family, and Megan especially LOVED the ice skating (it was a first for her.) Jane and Alec didn’t care for the skating much, but the LOVED the cake and ice cream!



I am so proud of Adam and all the hard work that got him where he is today. He is such a disciplined and hard working student. He really loves to learn and takes his education very seriously. Our future at this point is still a little unclear, but I know that Adam is very deserving of a wonderful career that will make him happy as well as provide a comfortable life for our family. I couldn’t have asked for a harder working husband and father for my children. We continue to be blessed with employment, and currently he has part-time work at both BYU and UVU. We are excited and anxious to see what route our Heavenly Father has for us next.


We sure LOVE BYU and have enjoyed our time here! Go Cougars!!!




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