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Megan Finishes 3rd Grade!


Megan had her last day of 3rd Grade on May 28th. She has had a great year!

First day of 3rd grade and last day of 3rd grade

First day of 3rd grade and last day of 3rd grade

Megan’s school always has a dance festival on the last day, and this year was no different. The morning dawned cloudy, and by the time Megan performed, it was raining pretty good. She was still all smiles and did a great job on her dance.



We wanted to catch her teachers before we left school for good, but unfortunately, Megan’s Chinese teacher left straightway for the airport. We said goodbye to her English teacher though, and Megan would also like me to include the only picture we have of her with her Chinese teacher…which is from the very first time we met her.



Honestly, I didn’t have a lot of interaction with Megan’s teachers this year. They loved her and only said the nicest and best things about her, but I think they were both a little young and overwhelmed. Megan had no complaints though, so we’re calling it a successful year. There were ups and downs for sure, but Megan continues to thrive…academically. The social is…coming along. I’m very proud of my girl and can hardly believe she will start 4th grade in the fall! She really is growing up so fast. Too fast.


Congrats on another year of schooling, Megan! We love you!

Jane Completes UPSTART Year 1


Jane has been doing the Upstart computer program through the Waterford Institute this school year. We are so fortunate to have the program set up at our local stake center at no cost to us. Jane started the program the week after Megan started 3rd grade, and finished the week before Megan finished.

Jane did awesome at her “computer class.” It was 3 days a week and initially only about 30 minutes a day, but Jane did so great that we bumped her up to about an hour each day. There were only about 5 other children in her session, and I have to say, she was the most disciplined and most willing to complete her work each day. I was so proud of her.


Jane was very academically successful with this program. She learned to read and write all her letters and many numbers. She was introduced to the months of the year, the days of the weeks, the weather, music, the 5 senses, and many other things. By the end of the school year, she was reading small words.

This upcoming fall, if we stay in Utah, Jane (and Alec) will be able to do the program for another year, again at no cost to us, and this time from home. If we move from Utah, the program will cost, but I think we will pay for it because of how successful Jane has been with it. Alec always attended the class with us and occasionally wanted to try, but he is just a little too young yet. He’ll be ready soon enough!


Way to go Jane!


Payson Temple Open House


It sure is a wonderful time to be living in Utah. Temples are all around us and more continue to be built. Last year we were able to go to the Bountiful Temple Open House and this year we were able to go to the Payson Temple open house. We’re not sure the timeline for when the Provo City Center temple will be completed, but I would LOVE to be able to attend that open house as well.

The Payson Temple was GORGEOUS. The surrounding neighborhood and area was so pleasant and sweet and beautiful, it was a wonderful setting for a new temple. The beauty of the inside of the temple is unmatched. It was so glorious and lovely. The children loved it. They were so calm and peaceful and reverent. They could tell they were somewhere special for sure.

Megan enjoying the fountains on the beautiful temple grounds.

The children outside the temple. They had a great experience.


I love temples. I love that in the temple is when I can be closest to my Heavenly Father and my Jack and other loved ones who have passed on. One of the reasons why it’s so important to me to keep my home clean and calm is because I know it’s the next best thing to the temple. I’m grateful for my temple marriage. I love my little family and love experiencing things like this with them.

Megan’s Science Fair Project


Megan was so excited to enter her school’s third grade science fair. She had lots of great ideas, and we finally came up with one that was easy to execute as well as could teach her some scientific principles.

She decided to test the melting rates of ice in various substances.

Here is Megan’s explanation of her project and results:

The Melting rates of ice
By Megan Johanson
Question: Which ice cube will melt first?
Hypothesis: I think the ice cube with salt will melt first.
Variable: What I added to the ice.
Materials: salt, sugar, water, ice, bowls, a tablespoon measuring cup, timer.


Procedure: 1. I put the ice in the bowls. 2. I put the ingredients in the bowls (one tablespoon), salt sugar, water and air. 3. I checked on it every 15 minutes.



Result: The ice with the sugar melted first, then the air, then water,
and last, sugar.

Substance Salt Sugar Water Air
Time 1h 35m 2h 42m 2h 00m 2h 21m
Conclusion: My hypothesis was correct. This explains why we put salt on the ground at winter time. It helps the ice melt. I was surprised the sugar took the longest.

She took the entire thing very seriously. She is a very inquisitive and smart girl. I’m so proud of her and her hard work!



Megan Soccer Season 2015


Megan had a great time playing soccer this year. Megan loves being part of a team. She worked hard and played hard and had a lot of fun.


Megan’s first game was March 25th and they played 8 games through May 2nd. She was one of the younger and smaller girls on her team, but she was a great little teammate. Her team this year (the Pandas) had a much more successful record than last year. Megan was especially awesome at assisting her teammates and playing whatever position her coach put her in.



I was relieved that I didn’t have to coach this year! But Adam was recruited to Coach the first couple games as well as help out at practice. He did a great job! The real coach was also very awesome. He had to put up with some pretty strong attitudes, but he was always kind and patient. I would not have been as graceful! Ha!



Sometimes Megan’s anxiety got the best of her, but mostly she had a great attitude and loved every minute of soccer. She is slowly becoming more coordinated and skilled. I am so glad that soccer has been such a good fit for her.




I think Megan’s favorite part of soccer was when she got to toss in the ball when the other team kicked it out of bounds! She was always first to volunteer to throw it in!


Megan celebrating a goal with another teammate. She really does love being part of a team. She is so supportive and excited for each player and their accomplishments.


One of Megan’s teammates was also a classmate from school. Sarah was so nice to Megan and only had the kindest things to say about her. It was fun having her on Megan’s team as well as getting to know her mother.


Of course we can’t forget Megan’s faithful cheerleaders! Even cousin Norine made it to a game!


Way to go Pandas! Congrats on a great season!