Megan Soccer Season 2015


Megan had a great time playing soccer this year. Megan loves being part of a team. She worked hard and played hard and had a lot of fun.


Megan’s first game was March 25th and they played 8 games through May 2nd. She was one of the younger and smaller girls on her team, but she was a great little teammate. Her team this year (the Pandas) had a much more successful record than last year. Megan was especially awesome at assisting her teammates and playing whatever position her coach put her in.



I was relieved that I didn’t have to coach this year! But Adam was recruited to Coach the first couple games as well as help out at practice. He did a great job! The real coach was also very awesome. He had to put up with some pretty strong attitudes, but he was always kind and patient. I would not have been as graceful! Ha!



Sometimes Megan’s anxiety got the best of her, but mostly she had a great attitude and loved every minute of soccer. She is slowly becoming more coordinated and skilled. I am so glad that soccer has been such a good fit for her.




I think Megan’s favorite part of soccer was when she got to toss in the ball when the other team kicked it out of bounds! She was always first to volunteer to throw it in!


Megan celebrating a goal with another teammate. She really does love being part of a team. She is so supportive and excited for each player and their accomplishments.


One of Megan’s teammates was also a classmate from school. Sarah was so nice to Megan and only had the kindest things to say about her. It was fun having her on Megan’s team as well as getting to know her mother.


Of course we can’t forget Megan’s faithful cheerleaders! Even cousin Norine made it to a game!


Way to go Pandas! Congrats on a great season!


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