Jane Completes UPSTART Year 1


Jane has been doing the Upstart computer program through the Waterford Institute this school year. We are so fortunate to have the program set up at our local stake center at no cost to us. Jane started the program the week after Megan started 3rd grade, and finished the week before Megan finished.

Jane did awesome at her “computer class.” It was 3 days a week and initially only about 30 minutes a day, but Jane did so great that we bumped her up to about an hour each day. There were only about 5 other children in her session, and I have to say, she was the most disciplined and most willing to complete her work each day. I was so proud of her.


Jane was very academically successful with this program. She learned to read and write all her letters and many numbers. She was introduced to the months of the year, the days of the weeks, the weather, music, the 5 senses, and many other things. By the end of the school year, she was reading small words.

This upcoming fall, if we stay in Utah, Jane (and Alec) will be able to do the program for another year, again at no cost to us, and this time from home. If we move from Utah, the program will cost, but I think we will pay for it because of how successful Jane has been with it. Alec always attended the class with us and occasionally wanted to try, but he is just a little too young yet. He’ll be ready soon enough!


Way to go Jane!



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