Megan Finishes 3rd Grade!


Megan had her last day of 3rd Grade on May 28th. She has had a great year!

First day of 3rd grade and last day of 3rd grade

First day of 3rd grade and last day of 3rd grade

Megan’s school always has a dance festival on the last day, and this year was no different. The morning dawned cloudy, and by the time Megan performed, it was raining pretty good. She was still all smiles and did a great job on her dance.



We wanted to catch her teachers before we left school for good, but unfortunately, Megan’s Chinese teacher left straightway for the airport. We said goodbye to her English teacher though, and Megan would also like me to include the only picture we have of her with her Chinese teacher…which is from the very first time we met her.



Honestly, I didn’t have a lot of interaction with Megan’s teachers this year. They loved her and only said the nicest and best things about her, but I think they were both a little young and overwhelmed. Megan had no complaints though, so we’re calling it a successful year. There were ups and downs for sure, but Megan continues to thrive…academically. The social is…coming along. I’m very proud of my girl and can hardly believe she will start 4th grade in the fall! She really is growing up so fast. Too fast.


Congrats on another year of schooling, Megan! We love you!

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  1. Wow! Megan looks so grown up. She definitely changed a lot this year. It was so nice to catch up on your blog tonight! xoxo
    Ty and Becca

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