Jamison June’s Baptism & Micah Leon’s Blessing


I debated long and hard about attending my niece Jamison’s baptism and my nephew Micah’s blessing in Las Vegas. I was 38 weeks pregnant, but didn’t have a tendency to go early. My main concern was how difficult it would be on me physically, especially with my back pain. In the end, I decided to sit this trip out. I was so sad to miss it. Adam was very happy and eager to take the three children and go himself. Not only did he want to give me a break, but he really wanted to be there for the baptism and blessing.

They had fun with our Vegas family. They were able to meet baby Micah, attend Jamison’s birthday party, and also spent some time swimming and hanging out at the our Johanson grandparent’s house.


2015-06-06(21864) 026

Adam said the baptism was wonderful. We love sweet Jamison and are so proud of her decision to be baptized!

IMG_2884 IMG_2896

The next morning was Micah’s baby blessing. Again, Adam said it was very sweet and he could feel the spirit very strongly in the blessing circle. Micah is such a doll. I was sad I wasn’t able to meet him!

s Untitled Untitleds

I spent the weekend cleaning and resting and shopping in preparation for our soon arriving baby. I was grateful for the break, but I sure missed my little family. Thank you Adam for representing our family!


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