Independence Day 2015



We had a pretty low key 4th of a July. We try to keep pretty much everything “low key” when we have a brand new baby.

The night before, Adam and I were discussing whether or not we should do the big Provo 4th of July parade. We had totally decided not to do it since the year before we got up so early to get good seats and the children didn’t even super enjoy it and it was hot and long. We made no plans to get up early and save seats.

Morning dawned and the kids and Adam got ready to go help clean the church. During breakfast we heard the clip-clop of horse hooves outside our window. The children ran to see and sure enough, there were horses pulling a carriage on the way to the parade route. The all declared they wanted to see the parade! Seriously though, you have to get up so early to get a good spot. Adam dashed up the street to see what he could find. As luck would have it, there was a great spot right in front of the Governor’s tent. I guess people thought you couldn’t set up there. But Adam asked a security guy and he said it was ok. So we scored great seats.

Adam took the bigger kids to clean the church while I stayed with Charlotte. I only planned on saving our spots, but Charlie and I ended up staying for the parade. The children ended up liking it a lot more this year, and the clouds and light rain kept us cool.

142 144
156Later Adam’s brother Jake and family came to hangout for a bit and meet baby Charlotte. We had fun chatting and the kids had fun with their cousin Bentley.


In the evening we did sparklers and then headed to our traditional firework watching spot. So, like I said, low-key, but a good day all the same. We love this country and are proud always to be Americans.






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