Charlotte’s Blessing


Our sweet sweet Little Lottie was given a name and a blessing by her father on my birthday, August 2nd 2015.

126“Charlotte, you will know sorrow in your life, but though this blessing we give unto you and through our Savior Jesus Christ, and through the gift of the Holy Ghost, may you have peace through your trials. We bless you that you will emanate that peace, such that it is known among your friends or your family members. It will be a great blessing to all those who know you and who have association with you.”

094 085Charlotte has brought a peaceful and calm spirit into our home from day one. Her daddy was certainly inspired by her own personality and spirit when he blessed her. She continues to bring such joy and sweetness into our family.

We are so grateful to all those who traveled from near and far to attend her blessing. We are especially grateful to the men who stood in her circle who are worthy and righteous bearers of the priesthood (cousin Eric was also in the circle. He had to take off before pictures.)

182 167-001

3 generations:

We are so in love with our little family. All of my children are such sweethearts. I am so grateful to be a mom and feel so lucky that these spirits have been sent our way.
After Charlotte’s blessing my family threw a little birthday party for me before we headed back to Utah. Thanks to all who made my day so special!
Happy blessing day to Charlotte and a happy birthday to me indeed!

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