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Halloween 2015


I didn’t think I would be able to coordinate the children’s costumes this Halloween. Last year Megan and Jane had very specific and very non-coordinating requests. I LOVE coordinating them. But I’ve learned to let go of those hopes and dreams.

This year, however, Megan told me all she wanted to be was “a villain.” And Jane told me she wanted to be Glinda from The Wizard of Oz (and Wicked. She LOVES Wicked!) I asked Megan if the Wicked Witch of the West was a good enough villain and she said yes. Just like that my dreams of coordination were alive again!


Megan is far too beautiful to be a wicked witch, but somehow she pulled it off.

Jane is so so so gorgeous and sweet. She was the perfect Glinda.

Alec LOVED his scarecrow costume. He love love LOVED it! He has only watched the movie once or twice but we have some Wizard of Oz dolls so he was familiar with it. He was the cutest scarecrow EVER. He couldn’t scare a soul!

And sweet Charlotte. She was the belle of the ball in her handmade Dorothy costume. She is so so so sweet and happy. There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME and when I with her, no matter where we are, I am HOME.


Megan wore her costume to school one day and we had a big ward Halloween party. On Halloween we went up to my sister’s house and the kids went trick or treating with their cousins. We had SUCH A GOOD TIME!


I really don’t care much for Halloween, but dressing these kids up in costume has turned out to be one of my most favorite things ever. Happy Halloween from the Johos!


BYU Football


Adam was able to attend a handful of football games this season. For the first time in years we all went as a family. We had


The children all LOVE BYU football. They were so excited to get to experience the action in person.

They did pretty good for the most part but we brought activities for when they got antsy.
The games are long and are hard on those of us who have bad backs, but totally fun and totally worth it! This game was an intense one but the Cougars pulled it off. It was so exciting!

BYU Football and General Conference


My sister and her children and my mom came up to Utah the first weekend in October. Sarah’s family are huge BYU fans so they wanted to go to a BYU football game. Adam and Megan were more than happy to tag along! They had a great game and the Cougars pulled off a great victory!


Thanks to my sister who was able to get conference tickets, Megan was able to attend a session of General Conference in the conference center in Salt Lake the next day. She LOVED it. I am so glad she was able to go and experience conference so personally. She went with Adam, Sarah, my mom, Jamison (her first time too!) Bradley and Marshall (his first time too!!!)

I love love LOVED conference. I was totally unfamiliar with the three newly called apostles (Adam met Elder Rasband while on his mission) but I loved and sustained them immediately and whole-heartedly. I know the leaders of our church are called by God. Without a doubt.


I love general conference weekend. This one was extra special because Megan was able to attend. Thanks for taking her Adam and thanks for making it happen Sarah!