Holiday Happenings


This post should probably be separated in to multiple posts, but I am trying so hard to get caught up on my blog and it’s just not going to happen any time soon if I don’t throw down a few big posts. So here are just some of our fun Christmas season activities.

The first Monday in December we put up the tree and put out our Christmas décor. I have so many lovely Christmas treasures but my home is just too small to put it all out. So I pick just a handful of items each year. One day I will have a home with enough space to showcase all my Christmas prizes. One day…

The children love decorating the tree. As per our tradition, our main Christmas tree only has star and angel ornaments (in memory of our sweet Jack.) The children had a “kid’s tree” downstairs that they decorated however they wanted.


We put out a couple advent calendars this year with candy. We will be changing this next year as the candy didn’t last more than a week. Little Alec snuck candy every chance he got.


Jass, our shelf elf, returned on December 1st. In our family Jass is very beloved. She symbolizes Santa’s love for our family and Santa symbolizes Christ’s love for all of us. Jass was pretty silly this year. She had a cold and was captured by villians and made snow angels in flour and many other fun things. But each Sunday morning she could be found kneeling at the Savior’s manger.


We sent out Christmas cards. I love sending out cards. My rule is usually to only send a card to those who send a card to me, and then most family gets a card as well. But I do send out a few to some friends who don’t send them to me. FYI, we love getting Christmas Cards.


The children helped me with a big Christmas present project. We made cousin memory games for all of Adam’s siblings and their families. It took a lot of time and was a lot of work but the children loved the project and it turned out great.


Adam’s cousin got married early December. December weddings are so sweet and it was fun to dress the children up in Christmas-y outfits for the reception. Adam’s parents are serving a mission in Salt Lake right now so we see them fairly often.

We discovered that Alec really, really, REALLY likes Nutcrackers. He loves holidays so much. But he really LOVES Nutcrackers.



Of course there has been lots of snow play this winter. We got ZERO snow last year. I mean I think it snowed like twice. This year had more than made up for it!

Megan even went skiing for her first time. She went with her school so I didn’t get any pictures of her in action but she had a BLAST!!!


One day we busted out some gingerbread men. This was definitely a favorite activity.

Simple holiday pleasures are matching holiday jammies and getting dressed up for Christmas Sunday.

We had a great experience visiting Santa this year. A dear friend directed me to the perfect location. There was no wait and no photographer selling pictures. We could take all the time we wanted and all the photos we wanted. Megan asked for “something beautiful and musical.” Jane asked for a Wii game, Super Mario Maker. Alec didn’t ask for anything, but he LOVED seeing and sitting with Santa. And Santa asked if he could keep Charlotte. Nice try big guy!


Our ward threw a great Christmas party. Megan and Jane were part of an angel choir and Megan was part of a hand bell performance. There was yummy food and fun activities and a great program.

Megan also had a school choir concert. She loves being a part of her school choir and this year she was in concert choir. We enjoyed going to listen to her perform as well as watching her feel the music through her dance moves…


We had a Christmas party and gift exchange with my sister and family. The children had a ton of fun with their cousins and loved dressing up for the nativity. The bigger kids also went ice skating which is a favorite of Megan’s.

Before we headed down to Vegas for Christmas, Adam took the older kids up to Salt Lake. He met up with his brother Josh and his family as well as his parents. They saw the lights at temple square and visited where Grandpa and Grandma are serving their mission.


This was just a taste of all our pre Christmas vacation fun! We had a really wonderful holiday season.



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